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Nail polish newbie- help

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cromwell44 Thu 26-Jun-14 00:07:27

I applied blue polish on my toe nails a couple of days ago. i've taken it off but my nails are still a bit blue looking and I can't seem to get the colour off the bits round my nails. Very attractive! smile
How do I prevent the gangrenous toe look?

Justgotosleepnow Thu 26-Jun-14 02:30:59

Clear nail varnish as an undercoat

To fix your current problem put loads of moisturiser on your toes. Let it soak in. Have a good scrub in the bath of just your feet under the tap.

Then use nail varnish remover again.
Hopefully that will shift the blue.

And upon taking it off next time pull the cotton wool into small pieces, soak in remover and stick onto your nails. Leave for a mo & squish it into and sweep off the nail. This should take most of the colour off in a oner, so you arent rubbing the colour into your toes.

itsbetterthanabox Thu 26-Jun-14 08:15:41

Whitening toothpaste will remove the current marks. Massage it in and rinse.
For future by a base coat. Rimmel are good and cheap. Put the on and let it dry it will stop most of the staining however your nails will still yellow because wearing polish all of the time does cause slight yellowing.

cromwell44 Thu 26-Jun-14 09:30:26

Thanks to you both, great tips. Obviously a rookie error by not using a base coat.
I'm wearing loafers for work today, sandals out of the question smile but will try the scrubbing and soaking tonight.

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