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Bra style gurus!

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TimeForAnotherNameChange Wed 25-Jun-14 21:06:20

Thanks to recent weight loss I'm looking to refresh my bra collection with some basics. How does the fit on the Panache Tango Classic balconette compare to that on the Panache Andorra Full? I have an Andorra in a 30HH and it's just a fraction too big in the cup now (though I'm not sure a whole cup down is correct yet) but the back is perfect - still firm on the furthest/widest hooks. I love the roundedness of the shape it gives and the side sling support. The wires are a fraction too wide around the side of my chest but the high narrow gore keeps everything front and centre! Just wondering how the Tango stacks up against it?

Any other recommendations too? I can't wear plunges at all, I simply fall out of the middle, am full all over, deep top to bottom, close/narrow set on the centre of my chest with good forward projection. Any help much appreciated!

marriednotdead Wed 25-Jun-14 21:21:36

Tango balconette tends to fit a size bigger than Andorra. I'd suggest trying an Idina balconette, an Envy, and a Jasmine if you can find a colour combo you like. Go for 30H in the latter two.

The Cleo Marcie is a nice alternative, it's pretty generous in fit so try a 30H but it does go down to a 28 band if it's too loose. And if you're into a rounded shape, the Cleo Juna would also tick your boxes.

TimeForAnotherNameChange Wed 25-Jun-14 22:22:43

Thanks married! So on the Tango I'd need a 30GG possibly if it fits big? I haven't tried the other Panache's you mention but I have a Juna already and I really like it, the wire width is perfect as is the central gore aspect, but I do find it spreads me out a bit rather than pushes forwards, probably because the wires are lower at the sides, or leastaways, they don't fill the full channel if they're at full height at the front. It's not that I want a pointy look, but I do like them pulled forwards, iyswim. I do need a 28 band in that as my current 30 is easily fastened on the tightest hooks, will double check what current cup is later but have a sneaking suspicion it doesn't go high enough in the 28.

marriednotdead Wed 25-Jun-14 22:36:21

It's possible, yes but you would need to try both to be sure. Max forward projection would be the Jasmine or if that's slightly too sharp, there's another fashion one called Floris. The Idina sounds like the best bet if the wire shape of Juna works.

If you like a very forward rounded shape and are close set then you will probably love ewa michalak -the s style in particular are perfect for this.

TimeForAnotherNameChange Wed 02-Jul-14 14:37:21

Well I took a punt on a Tango classic in a 30h but I must say I'm bitterly disappointed with the shape and support, it's non existent! Just an awful droopy shape with no uplift at all, just not comparable to the Andorra. I can't return it as it was reduced on eBay but they may exchange for a smaller cup, which I think would be worth a try. Going to see if there's somewhere I can try a Jasmine that has free returns.

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