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Airbrush Legs - how do you apply it?

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CambridgeBlue Mon 16-Jun-14 08:52:30

I bought this after hearing good things on here and I quite like the coverage and colour it gives my fat milk bottle white legs but it's so messy to apply! It goes everywhere when you spray it so I've resorted to doing it in an empty bath but that's still not ideal as it doesn't rinse away very easily. What am I doing wrong?!

TessTackle Mon 16-Jun-14 08:59:07

I use a tan mit, spray onto mit and rub into legs in big circles. Make sure you have a full length mirror and good lighting and you should be streak free

CMOTDibbler Mon 16-Jun-14 09:12:06

I spray onto a tan mitt too. If you read the instructions, you aren't supposed to spray it direct onto your legs, but into your hand then rub it in

CambridgeBlue Mon 16-Jun-14 10:28:39

That wil teach me to read instructions properly! Just added a mitt to my online shop.

Thanks smile

KarlWrenbury Mon 16-Jun-14 10:29:11

there are some good tips on the Boots reviews

buttercrumble Mon 16-Jun-14 10:36:57

I bought this for a wedding on Saturday after hearing great things. OMG it's bloody brilliant it made my large horrible legs look loads better. I bought the light glow and smoothed it on with a mitt , the results were lovely. I'm seriously impressed it's like airbrushed make up smile

lurkingaround Mon 16-Jun-14 12:01:20

I use it like foundation, moisturise then airbrush, and rub rub rub it in. Out the back door cos it sticks like the devil to surfaces and I've enough to do never mind scrubbing Sally Hansen off my bathroom floor. The path also has a light covering of Aisbrush. Attractive.

Germgirl Mon 16-Jun-14 12:07:12

I bought this once. Sprayed it liberally onto the fat white things that masquerade as legs. They looked great. I was well impressed.
I was less impressed when I looked at the bedroom carpet. Great swathes of brown sticky stuff all over a cream carpet.
It never did clean out properly & I ended up buying a new carpet.
After that I used up only use the stuff while standing outside. I never thought to use a mitt!
I'll have to have another go with it. Is there a pale one? My legs are pale blue in colour so I don't want too much of a contrast.

OsloGin Mon 16-Jun-14 12:07:37

Can this be used on arms too to good effect or is there more risk of transfer and smudging? I have never been tanned and would like to see what it looks like on me before having a go at fake tan.

SmileAndNod Mon 16-Jun-14 12:53:32

I was thinking about this for a wedding as I'm too horrified at the thought of having a spray tan. Can you do your shoulders and arms too, and will it rub off on your best frock as you get dressed? Do you need to leave it a while to set? Will it run if it's a hot day?

buttercrumble Mon 16-Jun-14 14:20:46

I used on my arms too, it was fine smile

Anjelika Mon 16-Jun-14 15:07:19

I have had a bottle of this in my drawer for years and used it for the first time today having read the rave reviews on here. It really is marvellous stuff!! I already have fake tan on my legs but suffer with veins and, as it was warm, wanted to wear cropped running leggings. I can't believe how much better my veins looked and, if anything, the result has got better as the day's gone on. I used my tanning mitt btw but did spray directly onto my legs as only wanted to cover a small patch.

Lndnmummy Mon 16-Jun-14 15:13:13

What mit are you all using? Can you please recommend me one? Also do you exfoliate and moisturise beforehand?

SaltyGoodness Mon 16-Jun-14 15:17:32

As lndnmummy said, what mitt do people use?

Hate how my legs get blotchier as I get older...

Anjelika Mon 16-Jun-14 15:18:54

I've got the St Moritz one I think! T'is �3.15 on Amazon. I'm afraid I'm not very good at all the exfoliating stuff - this morning I put gradual tanner on my legs after my shower then the Airbrush legs on top of that when it was absorbed/dry.

Lndnmummy Mon 16-Jun-14 15:23:58

Sorry me again, another question please. Which colour do you all use? Am blonde, blue eyed and tan easily - apart frm my legs...should I stick with the light one?

TSSDNCOP Mon 16-Jun-14 15:27:39

I've got a St Tropez mitt, and if you moisturise, spray on the mitt and then swirl it in circles as you apply it's fantastic.

Second what the others have said about your bathroom if you spray your legs directly. I obvs can't read instructions either. It's also murder on your sheets.

TSSDNCOP Mon 16-Jun-14 15:28:39

Ldn I use the "medium" my skin tans and easily too.

TSSDNCOP Mon 16-Jun-14 15:29:36

Be careful on your feet. Just a light swoosh with the mitt on the tops.

TessTackle Mon 16-Jun-14 16:46:06

I use the medium and I'm mixed race. But light skinned as I'm only 1/4 West Indian. I think light if you're v pale and medium if you tan easily or want to look tanned.

TwoInTheMourning Mon 16-Jun-14 16:46:31

What is a tan mit?

frankietwospots Mon 16-Jun-14 16:47:47

This is a tan mitt:$ja=cgid:7747356218%7ctsid:52683%7ccid:156167618%7clid:55771052978%7cnw:search%7ccrid:38767183778%7cdvc:c%7cadp:1o1%7cbku:1&gclid=CLiyh4zf_r4CFejHtAod70QALw

lurkingaround Mon 16-Jun-14 18:36:26

I use medium, I have fair skin that tans if I let it. A blue-white friend uses light, it is quite quite pale in colour. I don't use a mitt. I might after this thread tho. If I don't mislay it in one of the mystery hiding places that are peppered around this house.

OsloGin Tue 17-Jun-14 11:24:56

This could mean that I wear a summer dress for the first time in years. Could I wear nude micronets over the top? I think I would need the extra coverage still.

BeaLola Tue 17-Jun-14 17:05:28

This sounds impressive stuff. Does it last or do you need to wash it off every night ?

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