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Help me find this kimono

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latika Sun 15-Jun-14 23:23:30

I was out last night and saw a girl with a gorgeous turquoise kimono, it had some type of black pattern on it and a black fringe. I should have asked her where she got it from, I've been wishing I did all day!

Anyone seen it in any of the shops? Know this is a long shot!

TheWildRumpyPumpus Mon 16-Jun-14 02:23:12

Hmmm there's this one on ASOS

I got a really nice kimono from Amazon of all places - worth a look maybe

CFSKate Mon 16-Jun-14 06:54:37

Topshop has this and this

CFSKate Mon 16-Jun-14 07:02:55

This is a light turquoise

latika Mon 16-Jun-14 15:13:00

Thanks ladies, none of those are it but CFS Kate I really like the Asos one and might have to settle for that one!

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