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what about earrings? especially if you have short hair?

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poocatcherchampion Sun 15-Jun-14 22:20:02

I've just had my hair cropped and in the excitement of my new look I thought I would dig out some Jewelery. I finally found some stud type earrings and put them in and thought I looked awful. I've not worn any earrings for a few years now except my pearl studs to a wedding or two. (2 babies). I thought the studs looked butch and felt danglies might be too pat butcher.

what should I be wearing? smart enough for work / church/ baby groups if I'm feeling fancy is the style I'm going for, normally with dresses or chino type trousers

thanks for ideas!

poocatcherchampion Wed 18-Jun-14 08:29:28

no one cares. sad

abear Wed 18-Jun-14 08:33:50

I have cropped hair and wear small studs most days and have some dangly ones which I usually just wear evenings. I think dangly ones are fine but get delicate ones to avoid the Pat Butcher look.

SavoyCabbage Wed 18-Jun-14 08:35:04

I got my ears pierced after getting my hair cut short. I wear studs but the ones I had in when I had them pierced looked massive on my ears. It might be because my ears are quite small but I think it didn't help that I wasn't used to having them.

Have you looked on notonthehighstreet?

bigkidsdidit Wed 18-Jun-14 08:37:46

When I had short hair all earrings made me look really formal confused like I was off to an interview. I gave up!

Sicaq Wed 18-Jun-14 08:42:27

I don't get earrings. To me they look weird on anyone, regardless of hairstyle.


Frontier Wed 18-Jun-14 08:48:54

I stopped wearing earrings even dcs were tiny and had them re-pierced when i had my hair cropped but i too hate the look if them. They seem to really aging.

Also agree with sicaq really. Why do we make holes in our ears to dangle pointless things from?!

AwkwardSquad Wed 18-Jun-14 09:00:44

I have short hair. I wear delicate stud earrings. I feel undressed without them!

threepiecesuite Wed 18-Jun-14 09:15:09

I used to wear earrings all the time but I think they've fallen out of favour in recent years, other than a slight resurgence of long feathery ones a year or two ago.

gymboywalton Wed 18-Jun-14 09:18:10

God I LOVE a pair of pat butchers!

Big, dangling earrings are the best!

Cocolepew Wed 18-Jun-14 09:21:53

I have shrt hair but would never wear dangly earring, I look like an art teacher if I do.
I do like blingy ones though, my favorite are sparkly star ones, I wear bigger sizes if I'm dressing up a bit.

Cocolepew Wed 18-Jun-14 09:22:14

Oh I would wear hoops too.

ChablisChic Wed 18-Jun-14 09:54:39

I have cropped hair and wear danglies usually, but quite delicate ones, not Pat Butchers. I'm quite tall and I feel I need 'big' jewellery or I feel I look a bit masculine! But I know feck all about style, so don't listen to me.

Best1sWest Wed 18-Jun-14 10:39:15

I really struggle with earrings with short hair too. I often wear specs so anything dangly makes me feel alike Su Pollard.

Without specs I have some silver and pearl droppers that look ok but my colleague who has a short dark crop looks fab with hoops.

Chachah Wed 18-Jun-14 10:53:07

had to google Pat Butcher, lol! (not

I love earrings! especially thin dangly ones, they make my face look thinner and longer (which is what I need, btw). I used to have really short hair, and my 'statement' earrings didn't work so well then, I went for more discreet/delicate ones.

I find that the length/shape really really matters, some make me look butch, some really flatter me. So I'd say, get yourself to Accessorize, and try on a bunch of really different ones, see what works.

101handbags Wed 18-Jun-14 11:03:54

I absolutely love earrings, I wear them every day and feel naked without them. Sooo... I only wear silver coloured earrings (so sterling Silver or costume jewellery in a silver tone). I have a chin length bob so maybe that's why I don't feel so self conscious as my earrings are only on show when it's windy or I tuck my hair behind my ears. Some places I have bought nice earrings from are: Pia, Monsoon, Ebay (many jewellers sell their hand made/beaded earrings through Ebay shops) and Plumo. Dangly earrings are fine I think as long as they are fairly delicate. Hoops as well. Just wear what YOU like - so look around and see what there is.

MrsMarigold Wed 18-Jun-14 11:33:32

I love earrings and have about five pairs I rotate all the time. My favourite pair are long and silver and the best shop to buy earrings is ECOne. I just had a peek on there and could buy half the shop.

Millions on Etsy...somewhere like Stella and Dot good for ok quality.

I think short hair and earrings can look great. IMO the type though really depends upon your overall style and what suits that. So someone with a pixie type cut and a petite figure would wear cute small scale earrings for example.

Would be good perhaps to look at photos of you or to look at looks on pinterest and see what appeals.

littlegreengloworm Wed 18-Jun-14 11:42:38

I love earrings. Hoops too. That was until my SIL said to her children about me and they said that mummy said I looked like I was on gypsy wedding. I have never worn them since.

Wish I didn't care but I do.

Pearl studs everyday for me.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 18-Jun-14 11:59:29

I wear teeny studs (I have lobe-less ears)
The euro-fasten drops ( eg a silver CZ stud 1 carat size)
Or hoops, but if they are big, they are fine. I have some that are wedding ring size that are nice.

Not ones like Corries Tina wink

SammySockMonster Wed 18-Jun-14 12:41:22

i'm an earring fiend (admittedly with curtain-length hair and just about enough youth to get away with it). little studs are failsafe and i've had quite a lot of luck finding some more interesting ones in Accessorize (see my blue and silver one!). also, if you get a small pair of hoops (see my gold one), you can fancy them up by threading a couple of glass beads on before you fasten them. for those gypsy wedding days...

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 18-Jun-14 13:23:40

I have a set of 3 gold wire earrings ( from ring size to fit-on-the-tip-of-my-pinkie size , they are fiddly grin )

I often do the bead threading , tiny glass beads.
I have one ear pierced twice (one in the other)

I got some gorgeous silver studs for DD from Accessorize ( I want to keep her in silver just now, she had hers pierced a year ago)

MarianForrester Wed 18-Jun-14 13:50:25

Cocolepew, that's funny, just came on to post that I look like an art teacher with dangly earrings in grin

I stick with diamond studs pretty much all the time

kaykayblue Wed 18-Jun-14 16:34:17

Hi Op - I think it will mainly depend on a couple of factors:

1) What your actual hair cut is like - is it a very short pixie cut, or does it have some length in it?

2) Whether you tend to wear any make up.

I know the second one might sound bizarre, but I think women with short cuts can get away with slightly bigger earrings when they have some sort of obvious make up on (even if it's just a deep red lipstick or whatnot), as it's automatically more feminine.

If in doubt however, I would recommend going with something small and delicate, which won't over power your hair. Try and avoid anything with strong colours or complicated patterns.

The below are just examples, you can most certainly find cheaper alternatives. Something like:

I think any of these would be lovely, classic earrings for anyone really. But small enough to avoid the "art teacher" sort of effect.

I let my ears heal up years ago, but had my hair cropped a couple of months ago and so got them re-pierced, as I felt too masculine without them. I can only wear gold or silver though, so have been buying little sterling silver studs from Accessorize.


I can't wait until I'm allowed to wear dangly ones and hoops again - would only wear silver hoops though, not gold.

Love the idea of tiny beads.

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