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Where do all the young lads I see with fancy hairstyles get their hair cut?

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Frontier Sun 15-Jun-14 21:34:27

Until fairly recently DS1 (13yo) has been happy to either have his hair done at home with clippers or have a bog standard short back and sides at the barbers.

He's now grown his hair quite long, which is fine, but it needs "something" doing to it, it has no shape or layers or anything.

What he needs is to go into a hairdressers/barbers and say I want to keep it long but it needs some shape, what do you recommend, like I do with my hairdresser. Can he do that in a ordinary barbers (the one at our local shops) or does he need a hairdresser? My hairdresser has said she'll do it for the special price of £25 <gulp>

mrscumberbatch Sun 15-Jun-14 21:37:22

Either a hairdressers or a trendy barber.

Frontier Sun 15-Jun-14 21:44:38

So are huge numbers of "ordinary" families really paying £25 for a boy's haircut?

YellowStripe Sun 15-Jun-14 22:36:07

Near me there are a lot of "Kings" barbers - I pay about £8 for ds(5) - not sure how much an older boy would be, but surely not £25!

Can he ask his mates where they get theirs cut?

KarlWrenbury Sun 15-Jun-14 22:36:36

trendier barber. shouldnt be more than a tenner

KarlWrenbury Sun 15-Jun-14 22:38:07

oh hold on - LONGER? hmm - a hairdresser then. often barbers aren't always hairdressers in the trad sense i.e can only do short ones

Myfanwyprice Sun 15-Jun-14 22:39:16

Our local barber has got that style hair, so ds asks for the same style, it's just a normal barbers though, about a tenner I think .

Coconutty Sun 15-Jun-14 22:40:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dietcokeandcadburys Sun 15-Jun-14 22:53:30

Depends how long, hairdressers are usually more suited to styling longer hair than barbers. Sounds like your hairdresser is overcharging though.

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