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Comfortable shorts?

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QuizTeamAguilera Sun 15-Jun-14 21:13:20

I have always avoided shorts as I am only 5' 3 and don't have amazing legs. However, I now fancy some for my holiday and wondered whether comfortable shorts actually exist? We are driving to France and I wouldn't like to feel cut in half.

Nothing too skimpy but not M&S frumpy either...I am struggling.

SorrelForbes Sun 15-Jun-14 21:18:09

I'm 5'4" and have a pair of these in the longer length. They're rather flattering, nice material and definitely comfortable.

Laska42 Sun 15-Jun-14 21:21:32

I have just bought these £14 . They are great because of jersey elasticated waistband and tie , but are not at all baggy . im a sz 10, 5'.5" and i think they are the most flattering shorts I have ever had They do them in stone and blackalso ,(just wish they did them in navy).

QuizTeamAguilera Sun 15-Jun-14 21:28:44

SorrelForbes Boden I love but £££ (especially as I am a bit hmm )

Laska42 those look great!

ThisBitchIsResting Sun 15-Jun-14 21:47:37

Next chino shorts

Laska42 Sun 15-Jun-14 22:01:12

Yes good old DP is definately worth a look , I also got these in navy

H&M have nice ones but they are v short!

gerbiltamer Sun 15-Jun-14 22:19:40

I have the Boden ones from a couple of years back, but they are a 14 and I've larded out since. The DP denim knee length shorts are good and only £20; plus I can get into a 14 so they must come up big.

notyummy Sun 15-Jun-14 22:22:49

Gap boyfriend shorts :

I have a pair and they are flattering plus you can roll leg up or down to suit.

Naicecuppatea Mon 16-Jun-14 09:32:00

I am 5' 3" too and got some great ones from Primark. They finish just above the knee, cotton chino type material, and are so comfy. �8 - you can't complain!

Naicecuppatea Mon 16-Jun-14 09:32:31

8 pounds, not sure why my keyboard doesn't like doing the pound symbol.

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