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An impossible task?

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DaftSkunk Sun 15-Jun-14 16:56:25

For anyone who might be up for a challenge, I'm looking for a pair of shoes that are grey with a yellow trim. They can be ballet flats or low/mid heels but not high (struggle with a high heel) and not sandals. I can't find any that aren't £££.

If anyone has seen any or can find me some I would be eternally grateful!

I have a pair from evans of ll places, not stupidly high, I can actually walk in them. here

Carpaccio Sun 15-Jun-14 18:35:22

How about these:

slug Sun 15-Jun-14 18:52:30


DaftSkunk Sun 15-Jun-14 21:52:46

I like the Evans ones but they've got really bad reviews for being uncomfortable. I like the french sole ones too bit they are a bit pricey for a pair of ballet pumps. Thanks for the suggestions so far though!

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