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Fellow apples- how can we get a waist?

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kazzawazzawoo Sat 14-Jun-14 16:02:34

I'm an apple shape, size 12 - 14, measure about 32 inches round the waist.

Any ideas how best to look like I have a defined waist or even how to get one?

When I lose weight it goes from my bum first.

Is there any shape wear that will help? I have shape wear from M&S but couldn't wear it every day all day, I just wear it for special occasions because it's tight.

Scarletohello Sat 14-Jun-14 17:38:46

Don't know but hope someone has some good ideas! I just wear stuff that is fitted, to give the illusion of a waist...

lazysummerdays Sat 14-Jun-14 17:57:11

Sorry to state the obvious but you need to lose weight.
The sad fact is that women with waists 32 and over are at a HUGELY increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

You can put muscle on your bum by doing squats and building your glutes, but health wise you need to get rid of the apple shape.

AnythingNotEverything Sat 14-Jun-14 18:04:49

You can pull your stomach in by lots of planks and side planks and twists with a weighted ball. There are examples on YouTube.

You also need to lose some of the day unfortunately.

WallyBantersJunkBox Sat 14-Jun-14 18:09:02

What's your height in inches? As a general guide of perceived danger your waist measurement should be half of your height or less?

lazysummerdays Sat 14-Jun-14 18:15:45

This is helpful


storynanny2 Sat 14-Jun-14 18:26:38

I have a similar problem and also am short bodied. I particularly find it difficult to buy dresses as the waist is usually too low.
However I have just bought a per una dress white is shaped with seaming through to the bottom hem and has a contrasting fabric sash which ties in a big bow slightly off centre. Because I can position it on my natural waist it seems to cinch my outline in a bit at the waist. Best fitting dress I've had for years. Or go for plain up and down shift dresses which you don't need a waist for!
I agree that 32" waist as I have too, is unhealthy, but I am 5'2" and weigh 9st 5lb bmi 24. I have always had a big waist and no exercise has ever got it below 32 in adulthood.

fufulina Sat 14-Jun-14 18:29:08

The only advice as a fellow apple is a low carb diet. I lose my belly on that and low fat/calorie counting it doesn't happen. I also lose my arm bands.

lazysummerdays Sat 14-Jun-14 18:31:04

Exercise won't spot reduce a waist- you have to lose weight overall .

Woopsiedaisy Sat 14-Jun-14 18:33:26

It could be worth looking at tge make up your diet.

I find that if I just cut down on fats I lose weight on my bum, thighs and bust but if I cut out carbs (bread, pasta, cake, biscuits, potatoes) and high sugar fruits (Pineapple, Mango, Banana) etc the weight just melts off my waist.

I don't know why but it really does make a difference.

Bunbaker Sat 14-Jun-14 18:37:15

"When I lose weight it goes from my bum first."

I'm envy

As a pear, when I lose weight it goes off the top half of me first. To lose weight on the bottom half I would be positively skeletal everywhere else.

kazzawazzawoo Sat 14-Jun-14 19:03:23

I'm 5 feet 7 and my bmi is just under 25. Yes I could lose some weight and I do eat mainly low carb, but I have never had a small waist. When I eat low carb my belly goes, that's because I'm no longer bloated, but it doesn't make my waist more defined.

Amethyst24 Sat 14-Jun-14 21:32:33

I've also got a big waist, it's a PITA. I'm 5'8, 9st7 and a size 8-10 and fit, but still my waist is just undefined and crap. I have a very short body which doesn't help. My strategy is to ignore it and just not wear anything that has a defined waistline. This is probably wrong and there are better things I could be doing, so will watch and learn.

lazysummerdays Sat 14-Jun-14 22:19:28

Is there a difference though between an apple shape and a rectangle? You can have no waist if you are a rectangle shape some women runners are like that- Paula Radcliffe comes to mind but the danger is if you have an apple middle with skinny legs and no hips or bum.

fingersonbuzzers Sat 14-Jun-14 22:21:30

Cor, poor OP got quite a lot of unasked for health advice here, didn't she?

I'm apple shaped and find that A line skirts and shift dresses that end in an A line help to give the appearance of a waist.

When I wear trousers cropped cardigans can help with this too.

KindofGreen Sat 14-Jun-14 22:28:44

Just because you are apple doesn't mean you are overweight though. I am an apple and have no waist. I was an apple even at 8 stone. I'm tall and I always have skinny arms, thin legs, no waist and a tummy. I'm ten stone now do loads of running, very toned everywhere except my middle.

i will never have a waist and after having DC have a permanent little pot/blobby tummy that I have to tuck into a waistband. For me tunic/long looser tops over shapely jeans/trousers work best.

kazzawazzawoo Sat 14-Jun-14 23:04:24

Kindof can you post some links to the sort of tops/trousers you wear?

I tend to wear straight jeans with long tshirts.

kazzawazzawoo Sat 14-Jun-14 23:05:30

I was the same at 8 stone, no waist, short body, long legs.

whereisshe Sat 14-Jun-14 23:14:00

I'm not an apple but still trying to get my stomach back into shape after having DD.

I've found fabric choice for tops to be most critical when hiding the wobbly bits but without losing shape. Viscose is baaaad (clingy) so is modal. Cotton if not too tight is good, and wool / linen are best.

Shape-wise, I avoid anything tent shaped - no empire line, no a-line tops, nothing too billowy. A vest that is quite fitted underneath a slightly sheer looser top seems to work well, it gives shape without clinging, especially if the vest is the same colour as my trousers - gives a consistent silhouette and doesn't draw attention to my waist. I also find necklines are quite crucial - if I flatter my face shape and show off my collarbones it draws attention away from my middle.

And when I can be bothered or the occasion requires, fitted shirts (not too tight) and single button tailored jackets are great for creating more of a waist.

Rainydayblues Sat 14-Jun-14 23:22:03

I'm an hourglass - have a waist but it just makes the other bits look bigger!

Couldn't you just wear stuff that highlights your strong points - I bet you have great legs. Would you look good in a cocoon style dress....a slouchy/box of the Worn out ladies is an apple Eve I think she makes some great choices!

ILoveWooly Sun 15-Jun-14 09:00:28

Geez the poor OP asked for fashion advice not to be told she needs to lose weight! I honestly think most MN'rs must be PERFECT hmm.

I find fitted clothes help, such as a fitted blazer or slimline dress with a belt. Wrap dresses are also fab. THIS is my work meeting, funeral etc staple.

DoingItForMyself Sun 15-Jun-14 09:26:36

I thought this post was in style and beauty not big/slim/whatever. The op wants advice on clothing not diets.

I'm also an apple, no matter what I weigh my waist is always big in comparison (I remember being fitted for a uniform and the lady handing it out insisted I needed a smaller size because I was so tiny, but I couldn't do up the waist blush. Now I weigh plenty more, still middle-heavy.

I tend to wear skinny jeans to make my legs/bum look smaller and then a fitted t shirt with a scoop neck or detail to emphasise my boobs and draw attention away from the waist. If I need another layer I wear a cropped cardi which adds bulk higher up but not to the waist. I rarely wear belts unless very wide stretchy ones as thin belts just seem to emphasise how wide I am. I also find tops which have an elasticated bottom hem are good for disguising a thick middle, but not too big as they can add volume all over if they're too 'blousey'

TKKW Sun 15-Jun-14 09:38:35

Another apple here.

Pre pregnancy I was a dress 10 or 12, about 9st 4 and height of 5 ft 8. So no where near chunky but not skinny. Years ago, at my lowest weight, when I was 7 stone 12lbs, still had no waist. My MIL tells me that she thinks women "nowadays" had a different shape to when they were young and look more athletic and less hourglass!

Currently 6 weeks after birth of DC2 and its a different story. Struggling to cut the crap eating as Im shattered and need an instant energy boost.

Just wearing well fitted clothes is the best thing you can do for your shape i think. I also avoided anything empire line as i think this made me look too bulky on the top and below. My DH told me that fitted "shift" style dresses for parties or occasions suited me. Think its because they gripped my bottom and skimmed/moved around my waist and gripped my bust.

whereisshe has given good tips. Outfits for the day that work best for me are longline fitted vests to elongate my body with a loose blouse, blazers and long necklaces. I also like wearing a boxy loose top in a woven blouse material or jersey with a long vest underneath.

Im not very tall but i found the proportions of the "tall" ranges in say New Look, works well for me in tops/blouses/knitwear.

Mummyisamonster Sun 15-Jun-14 09:57:04

This is for fashion advice right, not a critique of waist sizes....confused

I'm an apple too. I have no waist to speak of. I find nothing floaty or loose - fitted clothes are best. Cropped cardigans, pencil skirts, close fitting trousers (capri pants are great) & fitted t-shirts etc - not tight but not too big either. No maxi dresses, empire line or skater dresses either hmm

Check out style guile's blog for ideas too.

And good luck

lazysummerdays Sun 15-Jun-14 10:15:39

Mummy- the OP did ask how to get a waist. smile
Any ideas how best to look like I have a defined waist or even how to get one?

For some people that includes weight loss.
People who are apples tend to put on weight around the middle. This is dangerous due to visceral fat. Other people put the weight on around their thighs, hips and bum- this has been shown not to be a health issue for women. After the menopause weight distribution changes and women tend to become apple shaped if they are overweight - which is why heart disease etc increases in women post menopause.

I don't think there is anything wrong on mentioning this - especially as the OP asked how to get a waist.

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