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Bathstore just about to spend a fortune ......good idea?

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zippitippitoes Tue 05-Sep-06 08:11:07

..well we did buy a bath a few years ago but has anyone else bought their bathrooms here?

there seem to be some good deals in the sale

noddyholder Tue 05-Sep-06 08:24:06

Have you tried your local bathroom suppliers?I was going to buy all of mine from bathstore and it was lovely but got the same virtually a lot cheaper and with a few extras thrown in from a shop locally.

zippitippitoes Tue 05-Sep-06 08:32:26

the local bathroom dealers seem to have gone up market..even homebase has got some not very nice bathrooms at ridiculous prices

was trying to find basic stuff that was a reasonable price but nobody seems to be in that market now!

noddyholder Tue 05-Sep-06 08:34:03

Then go for bathstore There is a big bathstore showroom here in Brighton and everything does look lovely and not too expensive.Have noticed that the diy stores are v expensive for not the nicest things!

wheelybug Tue 05-Sep-06 08:37:29

we did our bathroom and shower room entirely from the bathstore. Definitely recommend them - have a good choice and seem to be good prices.

wheelybug Tue 05-Sep-06 08:39:24

Just remembered - we ordered the wrong toilet for our room. Entirely our own fault but they were happy to exchange it no problem so good customer service too !

NewTermAtMaloryTowers Tue 05-Sep-06 22:11:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coderoo Tue 05-Sep-06 22:11:43

have done
checke edeivery on shower valves
they pissed us abotu

NewTermAtMaloryTowers Tue 05-Sep-06 22:13:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coderoo Tue 05-Sep-06 22:14:09

we ahd leila fomr bournemouth
she wa fab
delivery shite

NewTermAtMaloryTowers Tue 05-Sep-06 22:16:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NewTermAtMaloryTowers Tue 05-Sep-06 22:16:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coderoo Wed 06-Sep-06 18:56:34

we had an oldguy too

zippitippitoes Wed 06-Sep-06 19:00:57

just seen some more posts..I think we will go with them if they still have the stuff..we don't have a garden so will have to bring it all in

2 glass shower enclosures 2 shower trays 3 toilets and three washbasins plus showers and taps!

cupcakes Wed 06-Sep-06 20:18:38

speaking of baths...
I want this bath but I'm not sure if it will fit up our staircase (which is behind a door and goes round a corner).

NewTermAtMaloryTowers Wed 06-Sep-06 20:31:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cupcakes Wed 06-Sep-06 20:34:55

I do hate dusty bathroom floors (all that hair)...

NewTermAtMaloryTowers Wed 06-Sep-06 20:36:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cupcakes Wed 06-Sep-06 20:40:15

oh go on.

NewTermAtMaloryTowers Wed 06-Sep-06 20:43:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GameGirly Thu 07-Sep-06 09:35:19

We've had 2 new bathrooms from Bathstore this year. Good price (love the sales!), helpful people, excellent delivery BUT the plugs in the bath and the 2 basins are very dodgy. Of course, that could be the fault of the plumber rather than Bathstore, but just check that they aren't too stiff, and that the bath ones actually work. Within a month we had to wrap garden wire around the bath plug so that we'd be able to get it out after a bath!

user1475069626 Wed 28-Sep-16 15:40:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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