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Bra intervention peeps, please help!

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tabvase Sun 08-Jun-14 15:17:51

Another plea - you are so wonderful smile

I'm petite (28DD by the 'bending over' method) and the bras I've tried from Bravissimo seem to be structured far too heavily for my ribcage, as I end up quite sore and red on my breastbone and ribs.

I've had to resort to my old 32Bs that have stretched so they don't rub, but I know they're not giving the correct support (not that I need it, but I've noticed the 28DD bras do give a slightly better shape and the straps are correct etc.)

Should I perhaps try 30Cs (the 30Ds seem huge on me) or are there any bras out there for small ladies that are a bit less heavy on the underwiring?

Fairylea Sun 08-Jun-14 15:58:15

I would try some different brands. Not sure what you have tried so far but I struggle with wires and under rib cage bones too and I find I can wear bravissimo own brands (in particular alana style) but I can't wear panache or fantasie brands.

TimeForAnotherNameChange Sun 08-Jun-14 18:16:18

Panache Cleo range and associated unpadded sister bras are a much younger and less structured cut than many I've tried, and are not quite strong enough for my 30H's so might well be worth a punt for a 30D. Hopefully Statistically and sorrel will be along to advise on other styles/brands.

Which bras have you been trying so far

SorrelForbes Sun 08-Jun-14 18:18:21

I'm a big fan of the Cleo range, many of which are un-padded and quite light in feel. I'm a 30GG but I too struggle with bras that too structured/padded/moulded.

tabvase Sun 08-Jun-14 20:05:37

I've had a Cleo Panache for a few months and worn it over a dozen times but it's still rubby sad it's okay for a few hours, but too uncomfortable all day, especially on warmer days.

Are there any even lighter bras out there than the Cleo?

Is it the weight of the bras, or the firmness of the wires that's the issue? Cleo wires are pretty solid

SorrelForbes Sun 08-Jun-14 20:33:11

I find that with my firmer bras (e.g Panache Idina) I need to re-scoop during the day to alleviate any tightness/discomfort from the band.

tabvase Sun 08-Jun-14 20:59:35

It must be the firmness of the wires - they're not as flexible as the lighter, high-street brands.

Have you tried anything by curvy kate or freya? Whilst still a step up from high street, they're not as firm as panache/cleo or bravissimo own brand IME.

tabvase Sun 08-Jun-14 22:00:30

Ooo plunge bras! They tend to be a better fit on me.

This looks good, I'll try it. Many thanks smile

tabvase Sun 15-Jun-14 16:22:05

I've just been in Debenhams - they do lightweight basic t-shirt bras in different colours (some fun and funky) in 30Cs and 30Ds, which are next to impossible to find in other high street stores! So happy that they fit, I bought 4 (£40 - bargain! They'd better wash well)

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