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Veil restoration London

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Jewels234 Sun 08-Jun-14 14:02:54

Bit of a specific one that I'm hoping for some help with...

I really want to wear my mum's veil in my wedding next year. She was married 30 years ago though and it's a little worse for wear! The comb will need to come off completely and be replaced, and the edging needs tidying up.

Have you got any recommendations about where to go to get this done? I'm in SW London so preferably not too far!

Thanks in advance.

Hopefully Sun 08-Jun-14 14:12:34

I don't know anyone specifically, but it might be worth phoning one of the vintage wedding dress shops in London (I feel sure I've come across such things!) or the invisible menders of Knightsbridge (contact details if you google) - one of them might be able to suggest somewhere.

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