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Need a decent wallet/purse. Help..?

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Mij Sat 07-Jun-14 23:36:36

Gah, having to return yet another wallet bought online because it just isn't, well, thick enough. I've always had a short but bulky wallet, iyswim, rather than a long thing one, cos I do like to be able to stick it in a roomy coat pocket from time to time. I don't really do handbags. I have a lot of cards (mine, works, loyalty, membership, library etc etc) and keep receipts and cash in there too. I try not to buy leather, and most of the ones I find that are big enough are very dull (generally aimed at men I'm guessing as they're all black or brown), and the cute ones (the one I'm returning is red with an owl on it. Owls aren't essential but I just wanted something colourful) seem to all be too small.

The one I'm returning has really tight card slots and once I'd filled them all up it only just closed, and wouldn't have at all if I'd put anything else in it. Like cash.

Any and all suggestions much appreciated!

Fuckalella Sun 08-Jun-14 00:08:21

I have one from the old bag company at the moment, I love it! Take a look...

Icantcook Sun 08-Jun-14 10:16:57

Go to TK Maxx as they will have a big selection and aee what you can find. They are also online.

NiceOneCenturion Sun 08-Jun-14 10:37:39

I've got this Kipling one. Best fabric one I could find, everything I need but compact. It's quite robust, comes in lots of colours.

NiceOneCenturion Sun 08-Jun-14 10:40:18

Sorry, realised the one I linked to didn't show lots of colours!

Try here

Icantcook Sun 08-Jun-14 11:20:47

[[ this?]]

Mij Sun 08-Jun-14 11:31:53

Fuckalella thanks smile will check it out.

Mij Sun 08-Jun-14 11:33:10

Icantcook someone on FB suggested that too. I'm scared of TKMaxx. It's for proper shoppers who know how to find things. But I'll give it a go.

Mij Sun 08-Jun-14 11:34:49

Niceonecenturion definitely in the territory, thanks.

HiawathaDidntBotherTooMuch Sun 08-Jun-14 11:35:33

I always buy Cath Kidson purses. They are £28 or so each time. Big enough for lots of cards, some paper vouchers and whatever, and coins. Mine at the moment is navy with big white spots. Not floral smile

dontyouknow Sun 08-Jun-14 14:34:03

I've had a few from Accessorize - not too expensive and last well. The £15 purple Harper Heart wallet is the one I've got now,acc_1.3/5900418700

clippityclop Sun 08-Jun-14 16:16:19

TK Max really is your friend. After joining one of the past Mums Purse threads here I bought a gorgeous Patrick Cox leather job a couple of years ago,, still going strong, leather gets softer and nicer with time. The zip is very strong and there's a separate compartment for change as well as loads of room for cards etc.

Chanatan Sun 08-Jun-14 16:21:04

harper by Fiorelli lots of colours,large and roomy.

Mij Tue 10-Jun-14 17:12:14

Thanks everyone. Went into TKMaxx for a wallet and a bag. Came out with a lemon squeezer and a dish drainer. WHY DID NO-ONE WARN ME! Glad I've been re-introduced to them though. It's not on any through-routes I take so I forget it's there. SO MUCH STUFF!

I'm afraid their wallets were still either too small, too big or too leather. Or too pink. Went into Fat Face for shorts for DD1 and came out with - tada! - a wallet. It's only just big enough but for £20, not leather, enough space (just) for my extensive loyalty/library card collection and a coin compartment with a decent zip, I thought it was worth a punt. And it's cute without being, y'know, cutesy.

Thanks all smile

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