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How do I look fabulous by tomorrow night?

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CeliaLytton Sat 07-Jun-14 01:48:35

Or to be more precise, tonight, 16 hours from now? A good night's sleep springs to mind but as it is nearly 2am I think that is out the window!

Any miracle products? Any words of wisdom? (Just thinking face here, can sort body with support pants and very high heels)

EdithDickie Sat 07-Jun-14 04:21:34

Touche Eclat for under your eyes will make it look like you've actually had some decent sleep. Plus lots of mascara!

What is the occasion?

Veins Sat 07-Jun-14 06:38:00

Eyebrows...tidied if needed.

rhubarbcrumbleplease Sat 07-Jun-14 06:47:40

Clarins beauty flash balm?
A little snooze in the afternoon followed by a walk in the fresh air?

PastaandCheese Sat 07-Jun-14 06:49:23

YY to eyebrows.

Any chance of getting a blow dry?

Chottie Sat 07-Jun-14 06:49:24

Blow dry and a mani?

FeelingIrie Sat 07-Jun-14 06:51:22

A face mask during a long soak in the bath. And yes to beauty flash balm and touché éclat. Sadly I don't feel I carry it off very well but if you can - a killer red lipstick x

IfYoureHappyAndYouKnowIt Sat 07-Jun-14 07:03:41

I reckon pampering is the key.

Eyebrow threading, pedicure and mani. Mix almond oil and Epsom salts together, rub like salt over body then get straight into the bath with it still on you so it dissolves.

Potentially buy new lingerie set.

TroyMcClure Sat 07-Jun-14 07:18:29

I would say a fake tan of sunbed session. Hair done. Nails done

WipsGlitter Sat 07-Jun-14 08:09:25

Not sunbed!!!

Eyebrows and blow dry.

LivinLaVidaLocal Sat 07-Jun-14 08:13:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CeliaLytton Sat 07-Jun-14 09:14:42

Ah, forgot to mention train in an hour, travelling hundreds of miles and then lunchtime outings before evening hen do!

Eyebrows plucked and pencilled, nails painted, bb cream and touché éclat used to great effect. Can't pull off a tan or red lipstick but am passable grin

Now to reapply everything in 10 hours after a day of travelling/exploring!

Thanks all.

burnishedsilver Sat 07-Jun-14 09:20:06

Seriously? I didn't think any one used sunbeds anymore. So dangerous.

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