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Making a winter maternity dress more suitable for summer ??

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littlegreengloworm Fri 06-Jun-14 19:26:02

I bought an expensive, flattering dress from crave maternity for last pregnancy but have a wedding in July (weather here isn't always great but hopefully)

The problem is the dress is knee length black with sleeves. Now I know black is controversial but it's all I wear (sometimes navy) as very self conscious.

What could I do to brighten it up?

This is the top that is in the same style as the dress.

Thank You

howcomes Sat 07-Jun-14 01:55:58

I'd make, or get a florist to, a gorgeous floral corsage, am thinking largish pink or cream roses or something showy, pinned up around the lapel area just to brighten it up.

Chottie Sat 07-Jun-14 06:51:22

Statement necklace?

It looks a lovely dress.

vvviola Sat 07-Jun-14 06:53:18

Could you find a good seamstress who could convert it to short sleeves? More versatile that way maybe? And you could add bright jacket/wrap etc?

littlegreengloworm Sat 07-Jun-14 23:09:27

Thank you, I have a large cream corsage. The baby isn't due for a while so I wouldn't mind holding onto the sleeves as it will do me for work from September and by that stage I won't be keeping it for good wear as don't plan on more babies.

It's also a nursing dress.

I have coral shoes and coral corsage that I totally forgot about.

Dudess Sat 07-Jun-14 23:26:16

That dress is gorgeous! Coral and metallic would work well - you could wear either a silver or gold necklace, but try with the corsage as you don't want to overdo it.

OsloGin Sun 08-Jun-14 19:10:30

I would go with a Greek look - gold cuff, chunky gold statement necklace - I think that way it will be more of a 'look'. Great dress!

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