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Bra Measurement Help please!

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LoodleDoodle Fri 06-Jun-14 15:08:36

Hello lovely MNetters. Since having my measurements sorted by you lot I am utterly converted. Working the magic on the girls in the office but don't know how you work out the right size with the measurements. Can anyone tell me the equation, or work out 36 raound the back by 42 round the nips?

CMOTDibbler Fri 06-Jun-14 15:10:14

36 E

You can see the fitting guide here

LoodleDoodle Fri 06-Jun-14 15:13:09

Brilliant, thank you!

WhereAreMyGlasses Fri 06-Jun-14 15:30:55

There's also a calculator here in case you ever need to know another time

LoodleDoodle Fri 06-Jun-14 22:08:37

Even better, thank you.

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