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Plus size makeover help please!

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Bluecarrot Thu 05-Jun-14 19:28:19

Im about to turn 30 and am a size 18 following birth of my baby (was a 14 before). Im having some trouble shifting the weight - Ive lost enough that my current clothes dont fit (they were pretty bad anyway) and feeling a bit low (with other issues thrown in toosad ) I need to dress for the way I am now. Want the confidence boost!

Can anyone help me find a capsule wardrobe?

I have
a decent bra
These pumps in black
a pair of navy & silver flip flops
a few pairs black capri and long length leggings
a pair navy capri leggings
a black cardigan like this

Basically everything else I own can go.

It needs to be breastfeeding friendly
No heels - I sling baby and prefer flats or very low heels
Im size 18
36J boobs
5ft 6
big wobbly belly with overhang <weep>
Im not girly girly, but would like to look put together (which Im useless at)

Anyone bored enough to help me? Pretty please?

Pompbear Thu 05-Jun-14 21:24:35

i would add a pair of slim boyfriend jeans and a pair of straight leg jeans. I am a HUGE fan of Sainsburys denim at the moment.

also a pair of (slim) chinos - check Sainsburys/H&M

white cardi - again, Sainsburys!

a dress for daytime that could be dressed up for evenings. linen maybe? or a wrap? look on eBay

a few more bras (well fitting!)
a pair of dressier shoes - search DP wedges. they have a lovely fabric pair in at the moment with a really low heel. so they add some glamour but are still really practical.

a silk top for evenings/nice afternoons (Boden ravello on eBay?)

tops? scarf's?

some makeup? my very quite fix to make me feel good is:
garnier under eye conceler
MUA superdrug bronzer
a nice blusher
Eyelash curlers and clear mascara for brows
pink Vaseline/ Revlon colorstick

takes seconds, cheap. easy, looks good!

its always mentioned on here but eyebrow threading and a haircut - even a quick trip and then a soak over night in olive oil works wonders.

Argos cubic circona earrings!

a gorgeous nail.colour on your toes (Leighton Denny dress with harpers bazaar)

sally Hanson airbrush legs for ankles/legs with capri's etc

Pompbear Thu 05-Jun-14 21:26:39

Leighton Denny polish is free with harpers bazaar! stupid phone.

don't know why the angry face appeared!

Pompbear Thu 05-Jun-14 21:29:24

a Mac?

Bluecarrot Thu 05-Jun-14 22:53:35

Just got baby to bed so having a look now smile

Milmingebag Fri 06-Jun-14 00:19:27

Peacocks control shorts for overhang skimming. Added advantage of no thigh chaffing when it gets hot.

Simply Be black jersey maxi dress ( the plain column vest style one )

Loose slouchy/layering tops to wear over dress in stretchy linen mix for summer and jumpers for winter.

New Look fake converse pumps. So comfortable.

Silver hoops/ bangles.

MsVenus Fri 06-Jun-14 06:03:42

Book a complimentary stylist session with John Lewis or Debenhams & then use their ideas as a template when you go shopping.

As you have a young baby & probably cant access the gym often, try the Jillian Michaels online exercise programme to tone up your post baby belly at home.

RonaldMcDonald Fri 06-Jun-14 06:14:37

Well done on losing some weight already and congrats on being a maw.
I had 3 c/s and was pretty unhappy with my gut at times but eventually things even out as you even out. If not there are thousands of gorgeous size 18 girls strolling around.

What shape are you?
What colouring?
What cash have you?

I dunno what your cash situation is like but ebay might be your friend

Bluecarrot Fri 06-Jun-14 18:37:30

I'm not really sure what shape I am. When slimmer I was def an hourglass but now my waist is less defined...

Colouring - brown hair, green eyes... I did that colour me beautiful thing but can't recall what she said, though I'm sure I could find it if I google and read a bit to jog memory. I know forest green and berry colours are "my colours"

Budget-wise, I don't have one really. Though id be new look rather than Coast ESP as I'm hoping not to be this size for long. Will invest in good footwear though.

This baby was my second cs and surgeon was baffled I wasn't checked for gestational diabetes (gained 6 st inc baby.. Who was 11lbs!) I do exercise and watch what I eat til I get frustrated and binge , used fitness pal etc tried eating 1800 cals, then burning 300ish on exercise and 300+ breatfeeding. Then it was suggested I try eating 2000 calories... Anyway, only time I've lost weight in last two months was on holiday where I had all you can eat buffets for breakfast and calorie counting. It was only 1lb though.

Baby crying so will come back later to look at earlier posts...

Fairylea Fri 06-Jun-14 19:20:33

As a side thing (because it can make such a huge difference to how clothes sit etc) are you sure you have the correct bra size? Have you measured yourself as per the bra interventionists? (Ie measure yourself around the ribs quite tightly, this measurement is your band measurement - don't add anything or take anything away- and then lean forward and measure yourself around your dangling boobs without squashing them). The difference between the under and around measurement is your cup size - so 4 inches would be a D cup (going through a to d is 4 etc and so on). So if you measured 34 under and the difference was 4 you'd be looking at trying a 34D.

Might be worth a try just for interest.

EllaBella220 Fri 06-Jun-14 19:52:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MisForMumNotMaid Fri 06-Jun-14 20:58:24

what about a semi fitted tunic length shirt? you could pair it with a colourful scarf in your colours and a cami top to make it more breastfeeding friendly.

A moc cross top maxi dress would be a good nice day/ evening out easy wearing item and as your size changes it would last a while.

Bluecarrot Fri 06-Jun-14 21:06:40

Sorry for not really getting back a quick as I'd like. Dd2 having a hard day though just farted for Ireland so looks like she's going to settle now smile

Will get the laptop out and have a look at the suggested dresses etc once she finishes milk.

EllaBella220 Fri 06-Jun-14 21:14:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bluecarrot Fri 06-Jun-14 22:09:19

Stuck bf'ing dd2 for now.

I wore those wrap/skater dresses before pregnancy, though not as short as that one! If I got the right shoes I would def wear now. I always wore with wedge knee high boots and chunky belt at natural waist. Possibly a no-no?

Oh, I have 2 maxis that wrap at the top that are actually maternity but impossible to tell. Only thing is they cling to belly... Will have a look into those shaper pants and pull the maternity stuff out of storage... Hope the sight if it doesn't freak DP out! ;)

Any tips for a pair of miracle working jeans? Prob reasonably high waist to help prevent muffin top. Anyone tried Evans?

Bluecarrot Fri 06-Jun-14 22:16:34

I was trained as a bra fitter many moons ago, but did get the fit checked at bravissimo so I know its right. smile sadly the matching pants are teeny and would not be flattering or comfy sad hate non-matching undies! Oh well, won't need nursing bras forever.

Hair cut to shoulder length 2 weeks ago! It is low maintenance - no straighteners etc. Would love to put loose curls in it but they just fall out again in minutes! Its in great condition though and often get lovely comments about it.

EllaBella220 Fri 06-Jun-14 23:33:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EllaBella220 Fri 06-Jun-14 23:46:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AuntySib Sat 07-Jun-14 00:58:42

You've had some great advice on here but I just want to add 2 things;

1. I don't think Chinos work for an apple ( aka wobbly belly) shape - they just add bulk. Slim jeans and leggings work better IMO. Next do some great jeans that are slightly bigger on the waist than some other makes. DP also good for jeans for apples.

2. Don't worry too much about losing weight just yet - I know quite a few women who couldn't lose any until after they'd stopped breastfeeding- nature's way of ensuring the baby has supplies! You might be one of those.

GarlicJuneBlooms Sat 07-Jun-14 02:08:39

I think you could do with some colours. You're all there with the navy & black, but there is such a thing as being too restrained! I know S&B disapproves of tunics, but they are very kind to swelly bellies and it's easy to find pretty, cheap ones.

I second Dorothy Perkins for comfortably cut clothes that don't cost a fortune. This year I kind of overdosed on their long, stripey t-shirt dresses which should be a disaster on my shape, but apparently aren't. I've also got a couple of their more structured dresses and am thrilled that they go in at the waist - but no more than I do! For breastfeeding a wrap dress is the obvious style, and there are loads of pretty skater frocks with wrap tops, but you can also go for anything that buttons down the front with a big scarf.

If you're buying from 'high street' retailers online, you can send back as many as you don't want, so why not take advantage of that to try out several different ideas? Have fun! And congratulations on your bloody enormous baby flowers

Bluecarrot Sat 07-Jun-14 23:18:52

ok, finally at laptop and childfree!

I love the low heels in DP. Will have a look next time Im in smile
Bra-wise, Im trying to make do with one for now (washing every night!) though I have a sports bra thats reasonably well fitting that will do if stuck. Not great shape though!
I wear tinted moisturiser, blush and regular lip balm. Could prob do with concealer for under eyes though.... I do have easy to manage shoulder length hair and eyebrows waxed monthly (well, Ive started in last 3 months to do this!) NOt fussed on nail varnish though I do try to keep nails tidy. Need to start caring for the rest of my feet though (cracked heels etc) And Im just back from Spain so have a nice light tan. (yay!)
Bags - I have a few. None are "statement" bags, but Im happy with a classic style. Besides, Im using nappy bags more than handbags atm!

Ive now bought some slimming pants and have bookmarked a jersey maxi skirt as not sure I could bf in the dress. Some great reviews so will try the look you describe with skirt/vest top,fake converse and slouchy top. smile

MsVenus Sadly no JL here in NI, and I tried Debenhams stylist before, as well as one for the whole of our local shopping center but they put me in stuff I hated... sad Not great experience.
Ill look into JM - shes a bit scary though!

Ella love the sound of your outfits. Sounds like the sort of thing I had in my head.

AuntySib I really really hope Im not going to stay this size til I stop bf. I was really hoping to keep going til shes over 2...

Too late to start looking at outfits tonight. Wish I enjoyed shopping!

Dudess Sun 08-Jun-14 01:21:53

Dresses over leggings are a style staple!

Do you have an Evans near you? Or you could order online. Their footwear is great, and if you buy in sales you can really treat yourself (summer sales start mid-July) to buy for next year. They also have a great denim section.

I know you seem a bit reluctant to buy more clothes until you're the figure you want, but I'm a bit curious as to why you're washing your bra each night....that's got to be an extra 10 minutes sleep somewhere :-)

Your hair obviously makes you feel good, and a tan is amazing for a confidence boost. Go and spend some time in Evans and treat're a Yummy Mummy!

Bluecarrot Sun 08-Jun-14 10:03:15

Dudess- I figure as I lose weight my bra size will change and I don't want to be spending £30 on a bra that will need replaced relatively quickly compared to clothes that can last though more body changes.

I breastfeed so wash it daily to make sure its clean ( heard too many stories about nipple thrush from not changing enough)

And, sneaky stealth boast, dd normally sleeps 12-13hrs a night, with only occasional waking ( but then its 3 min boob then back down again!) so I'm not lacking in sleep department smile < hopes I didn't just jinx it>

I do have a local Evans and will be popping in next week. smile

Just bought groupon-style pass to 8 weeks of post natal exercise classes that I can bring dd along to, and from what I understand they talk about nutrition too. Will hopefully start on Thursday smile

Samedaydifferentusername Sun 08-Jun-14 11:02:59

The post natal exercise class sounds great. I stayed the same size while breastfeeding until about 7 months when the weight suddenly started shifting! Not sure why really apart from I would chart that time as when I started feeling more normal again and dd was sleeping well and so I was probably eating less and better. Breastfeeding was the best diet I've ever been on!

Some great ideas for clothes here!

dobedobedo Sun 08-Jun-14 11:07:46

OP you sound exactly like me - I'm reading this thread with interest! I need a capsule wardrobe, size 18, has to be bf friendly, cheap (just had a baby so income has nosedived). I think eBay and sales will be our friends!

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