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What can I order from M&S to make the £15 postage worthwhile?

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LivinLaVidaLocal Thu 05-Jun-14 14:28:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LivinLaVidaLocal Thu 05-Jun-14 14:47:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LivinLaVidaLocal Thu 05-Jun-14 15:15:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spottydolphin Thu 05-Jun-14 15:20:06

buy double the amount of shirts, so they last??

pants, socks, tights? boring I know :-/

Thurlow Thu 05-Jun-14 15:26:27

I always buy pants and socks and stock up. Hardly frivolous though, sorry blush

Coumarin Thu 05-Jun-14 17:02:47

Don't know about cheap but they've really expanded their skincare range recently, well, over the last year or so. There's some really great brands stocked on there now and maybe some things that you can't buy where you are.

Or what about some make up bits? Their own brand is quite nice.

Thurlow Thu 05-Jun-14 17:06:32

Actually I always liked this perfume, it smells just like Issy Miyake's L'eau de Issy

WanMairChoon Thu 05-Jun-14 17:52:36

I used to stick up on shirts, bras and tights when I lived abroad, or then I'd get the kids coats and jackets and pjs

ShineSmile Thu 05-Jun-14 19:04:56

The jeggings. They have a huge rang but most of them are very comfy.

WallyBantersJunkBox Thu 05-Jun-14 19:07:51

Be careful not to get a big customs bill - are you out of the EU?

I went a bit mad doing this and got stung for £50!

If you are in the EU then yes I would stock up on comfy knickers! grin

movingtoourwillow Thu 05-Jun-14 23:31:40

Might be too late but Ren skincare is lovely...

MildredH Fri 06-Jun-14 00:10:25

Maybe too late but I ordered some Rosie Huntington whatsit lingerie in the vain hope it makes me look a bit like her

MildredH Fri 06-Jun-14 00:11:06

Sorry just noticed we are past midnight so is too late. Must go to sleep !

LivinLaVidaLocal Sat 07-Jun-14 00:21:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Coumarin Sat 07-Jun-14 04:19:05

I like those ballet flats. The coral is nice too. I was wanting some Summer shoes that didn't have open toes so thanks for the link.

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