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I've found the perfect swimwear for tummy control coverage

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Snuggles1 Wed 28-May-14 00:00:18

I've always struggled to look good in the triangle style bikinis as they don't give me enough coverage, and I find a lot of costumes are too high on the legs for me (I'm size 14) So I've been hunting for alternatives and came across BettyLicious online. The have retro bikinis and swimsuits which look perfect. Any one else tried these retro styles?

RonaldMcDonald Wed 28-May-14 00:07:28

I think they make thighs look massive and legs short
I am a bikini fan

justmuddlingalong Wed 28-May-14 00:17:23

shock at the prices!

Cereal0ffender Wed 28-May-14 07:38:46

Agree with Ronald, I used to long for this sort of swimsuit and then when I tried on on I looked like a barrel on stumps

Koothrapanties Wed 28-May-14 07:43:17

These don't look good on me either. I look much better in a fake tankini. So it's really a one piece, but looks like a two. Debenhams have some brilliant ones, the underneath is a tummy control mesh, with a tankini kind of thing over the top.

Koothrapanties Wed 28-May-14 07:44:12

And I have to say, this feels somewhat like an advertisement...

MrsWolowitz Wed 28-May-14 09:58:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Eastpoint Wed 28-May-14 10:04:08

Great first post.

UriGeller Wed 28-May-14 10:17:37

Oh these sort of things always go on about how they are for "curves" and "real women" but the real women I've seen in 50's style cossies always look stumpy (myself included). I think a plain black one piece or tankini with a mid cut leg is as flattering as its possible to get unless you're a model shape.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Wed 28-May-14 10:23:56

I agree, even the models look hefty. What chance the rest of us?
Swimwear, for me, is a matter of finding the least humiliating option that contains and supports my boobs, then hoping no one actually looks at me when I'm wearing it.

I never actually feel good, or confident with so much flesh on show, so I can't see how legs cut low across the thighs can change that.
I'm a size 12, btw.

icanmakeyouicecream Wed 28-May-14 10:42:40

Welcome to MN.

TheresLotsOfFarmyardAnimals Wed 28-May-14 10:45:55

In reality, something that sits quite high up with a higher leg is more flattering. Like this,10,10028,10028670,10028210

TeenyfTroon Wed 28-May-14 10:52:11

Debenhams fake tankinis sound VERY interesting - could you possibly link, Koothra?

It's my mission in life - well, one of them - to find a reasonably priced tummy control swimsuit!

PrimalLass Wed 28-May-14 12:07:05

I have an M&S one like that. But it was half the price. With the usual 'M&S logic' they stopped selling the 5-star rated item that kept selling out...

Frasers do a similar 'Biba' style.

PrimalLass Wed 28-May-14 12:08:20

Koothrapanties Wed 28-May-14 16:16:02

Teeny -

Here's one, but they do other styles. They come with straps by the way.

Koothrapanties Wed 28-May-14 16:22:03

I found the others:

I have this:

And this is another style:

TeenyfTroon Wed 28-May-14 17:59:55

Thanks, Koothra, I like those.

Cereal0ffender Wed 28-May-14 18:54:17

I was imagining a tankini with some sort if American tan mesh in the gap!

Koothrapanties Wed 28-May-14 19:14:12

Cereal no one wants to see my flabby belly, mesh or no mesh! Sorry if I didn't describe it very well.

Rachel468 Thu 12-May-16 16:56:41

Have you checked our For Luna swimwear? They are perfect for post pregnancy - covered up my mum tum and mad eye feel fab!

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