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Perfume gurus - Find me a new scent?

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Glitterkitten24 Sun 25-May-14 15:16:39

I am in the happy position that I have received a small unexpected bonus in work, and would like to get myself a great new perfume rather than frittering it away.

I don't like to have too many perfumes on the go, but am looking for something new.
My go to perfume is Givenchy 'Hot Couture' - i have tried many more expensive and 'trendier' but always come back to this for daytime.
I have just finished a bottle of Chanel 'Chance' and have just sampled Gucci Flora 'Tuberrose' which is gorgeous, if maybe slightly sweet for me. I toyed with getting Issey Miyake 'L'eau d'issey' which i used to love, but it just smells of my teenage years now, i'm not sure i want to smell 19 again.

Does anyone have any suggestions of others i might like?
I was thinking of checking out JO Malone fragrences, any suggestions what i might like?
Or any great website reccomendations that could help me decide?

Budget is approx £100.

PearlieQueen Sun 25-May-14 16:05:39

I too have worn Hot Couture for years but have recently started wearing Jo Malones Rosewater and Vanilla - it has a similar sweetness to Hot Couture so you may like it. It's not cheap though - £100 so just within your budget

Glitterkitten24 Sun 25-May-14 16:11:36

Oh thanks Pearlie, thats really helpful - I don't want to just wander aimlessly when I go to Jo Malone so I will try out your suggestion before they all start blending into one when you smell so many. Thanks for replying! smile

mrsnec Sun 25-May-14 16:22:39

I like sweet perfumes too and I wear Alien.

I also have an orange blossom and vanilla perfume from Sephora which I love.

I Look for anything with jasmine, vanilla or orange blossom in it.

Never bought anything from Jo malone but wood feel like I wouldn't know where to start. Do they last? Are they worth the money?

MyrtleDove Sun 25-May-14 16:29:56

According to Fragrantica (do check it out - it recommends fragrances based on what you already like, and you can look up notes etc):

-Dior Addict
-Dior Hypnotic Poison
-YSL Cinema
-Armani Code
-Lolita Lempicka Lolita Lempicka
-Stella McCartney Stella
-Dior Miss Dior Cherie
-Thierry Mugler Alien

Reddish Sun 25-May-14 16:59:49

Jo Malone now has another perfume company, Jo Loves, as she sold Jo Malone. I emailed them when it launched and got sent samples of all of the fragrances as there wasn't anywhere for me to try them. I really liked, and subsequently bought, Orange Tulle.

Reddish Sun 25-May-14 17:01:18

Sorry, forgot to link:

Jo Loves

canny1234 Sun 25-May-14 17:14:53

I have just bought Elie Saab Perfume which Is a de!icious warm honeyed orange blossom.
Miller Harris perfumes may well be worth trying as well as Diptyques.Tom Ford perfumes are certainly worth a look.Lots of perfume houses sell sample packs directly to the customer.
Alternatively visit Nose and fill in the perfume questionnaire.They will then send you 5 samples for 10 Euros - to your olfactory taste.

MyrtleDove Sun 25-May-14 17:36:51

Y Elie Saab is lovely.

RaisinGirls Sun 25-May-14 17:52:26

Elie Saab is lovely. One of my favourites. I also like Stella by Stella McCartney, love by Chloe and alien.

francesthebadger Sun 25-May-14 18:21:12

I second the Nose suggestion - great fun, plus you get your original 10e back against a purchase. Really good way to find a signature scent.

emsyj Sun 25-May-14 19:38:20

Lolita Lempicka is lovely, and every time I wear it at least one person will comment/compliment it. Very unusual fragrance. In fact, I'm going to go and order a new bottle right now!

Glitterkitten24 Sun 25-May-14 20:19:23

Oh thank you for all the responses and suggestions, lots to research!
I'm really cross at myself now as I was in Boots today and saw the Elie Saab perfume, but the tester was locked away and I couldn't be bothered finding and assistant to unlock it for me so I didn't try it on!

I love the sound of nose too- that sounds like a great way of finding some possibles.

I'm so glad I started this thread, you are all very knowledgable! grin

Glitterkitten24 Sun 25-May-14 21:17:21

Squee- samples ordered from Nose!
In case anyone is interested, here are my 'diagnostics' from the questionnaire;

Biehl parfumkunstwerke, mb01
Kilian, Love, Eau de Parfum
Acqua Di Parma, Magnolia Nobile
Costume National, So Nude
Acqua Di Parma, Iris Nobile Sublime

Can't wait for them to arrive!
Have also emailed 'Jo loves' as recommended by reddish thank you!

ScooseIsLoose Sun 25-May-14 21:20:19

I'm obsessed with tom ford black orchid it's my current favourite (may be a bit strong for you)
If you like chanel chance , chanel coco mademoiselle might be worth a go I don't find that too heavy.

canny1234 Sun 25-May-14 21:26:27

I think Jo Loves do a sample pack now- for a sum.But you might be lucky!
Have fun with the sample sets - Magnolia Nobile is truly lovely.You can do this several times( I've done 3 so far).

bubalou Sun 25-May-14 23:21:44

I love Paco to bane ultra violet.

It's the one that people always comment on that smells nice - or Jean Paul gaultier.


MyrtleDove Mon 26-May-14 01:01:49

Also, it's a bit more £££ but if you like Dior Addict and Lolita Lempicka, you might also like Guerlain L'Heure Bleue. It's less sweet and a bit more sophisticated but utterly lovely.

KoalaDownUnder Mon 26-May-14 11:03:48

God, anything but Issey Miyake - I absolutely loathe that perfume, and can sniff it out at 100 paces!

Other than that, I have similar tastes to you, I think (used to adore Chanel Chance), and I currently wear Chloe Love for day and Chloe Love Intense for night.

McLoven Mon 26-May-14 11:49:42

Please could you post a link to the Nose site - I can't find it via google. Thanks!

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