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Hair removal for face?

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Vie Sun 18-May-14 12:05:33

Have name changed for this (took forever)
I have a hairy face! I started noticing the odd dark hair years ago that I just plucked whenever I saw it, then noticed a patch on my chin and didn't have time so got the razor on it, have been doing that for months and today I have seen 2 dark hairs on my cheek! surrounded with fine hairs, under my chin. I am growing a beard! What's to be done for this?

ThePigOfHappiness Sun 18-May-14 12:07:28

I use hair removal cream. Smelly but painless and done in 5 minutes. If I left it I'd have big black pube like hairs in my chin and cherks

SurfBoredCat Sun 18-May-14 12:10:46

Threading is the best!

I have black hair and have to have my monobrow (!) Threaded and my 'tache.
I recently started noticing additional chin hairs sprouting next to the one wiry one that's been there since I was about 21.
I guess it's time for me to get that threaded too.

Vie Sun 18-May-14 12:23:10

TPOH Do you cover your whole face? What I'm worried about is covering the patches where the hair is dark and wiry, and then having bald patches amongst the fine hairs........
Surf Ouch, I have the brows threaded (overdue at the mo though) but would be really embarrassed to ask for my whole face! Costly too, no?

GrassIsSinging Sun 18-May-14 13:16:53

Lots Asian and Middle Eastern women have their whole face threaded. Dont be shy! It absolutely KILLS, though. I have my eyebrows done, but after having my upper lip threaded once, I now get it waxed. Threading on that area was possibly the worst pain I have ever felt.

Vie Sun 18-May-14 13:57:51

Hmm, so it's threading or cream. People will notice, maybe I should go for the cream, do the whole general beard area

Icelollycraving Sun 18-May-14 15:38:24

Threading. If I haven't got an appointment,I use wax strips.

HappyDogRedDogToss Sun 18-May-14 15:51:39

I bleach then epilate when I realise I'm rubbing my chin a lot.

Still have one thick pube that grows a cm a night on my cheek and a group of 5 on my chin that also growery quickly very thickly so still tweeze them.

I've been threaded once and quite frankly it made childbirth seem like a paper cut.

ForeskinHyena Sun 18-May-14 17:23:34

Get it lasered if you can afford it. You often get deals on Groupon. It is so worth it, honestly, not to have to worry about it any more. You may need a top up treatment in a couple of years, but by the time you pay for weekly threading or waxing etc, it won't cost much more to get it done permanently (or as good as).

PretzelPrincess Sun 18-May-14 19:04:41

Threading! Waxing long term can strip the skin and damage it.

MrsAlexVause Sun 18-May-14 19:06:59

I epilate. I have to have wine first though!

FourForksAche Sun 18-May-14 19:15:58

I use tweezers, is this wrong?

ThePigOfHappiness Sun 18-May-14 21:39:14

I do my whole beard area sad it needs to be done. No one has ever remarked that it's bald if they have noticed.

GreatSoprendo Sun 18-May-14 21:44:32

The epistick thingy is great. I learned about it on here and lots of people recommended it. Really good for a very quick low pain bit of maintenance. Super cheap too. Will find a link.....

GreatSoprendo Sun 18-May-14 21:46:58

Here is a link to how to use it. You can get one on ebay for about £2.

wherestheweightlosspill Wed 14-Jan-15 16:47:38

Just noticed this thread on the Mumsnet Swears by email. The epistick featured about 6/9 months ago on the swears by email as well so I bought it and I must say, it may be cheap but it should be! It was hideously painful and didn't remove any hair. Am definitely looking at lasers. Thinking ahead to granny hairs when I'm in the home!

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