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Need foundation - £££; no object

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PiratePanda Thu 15-May-14 11:04:48

I am giving in to my aging skin and am about to spend a crap load of money on foundation. I have pale alabaster skin and I hate feeling sticky, oily or sweaty. And I lost my treaured Kryolan professional foundation on my last trip to the States.

Suggestions please! I actually work close to the Kryolan shop in Covent Garden but don't know if they cater to non-professional walk-ins. So I might need to get something commercial.

murphys Thu 15-May-14 11:11:13

Hey Pirate. I am going through this exercise right now, but I am sure someone way more knowledgeable will be along soon.

I have narrowed mine down to two options now:

Clarins Everlasting Foundation


Revlon Whipped Foundation (but the jar puts me off this one a bit).

I'm fair with quite sensitive skin, and I also hate that oily icky feeling.

SuperFlyHigh Thu 15-May-14 11:12:55

The one stated on makeup boards as the best is Giorgio Armani - never tried this.

chantecaille real skin very good too.

SuperFlyHigh Thu 15-May-14 11:13:52

this link may be of help:-

SuperFlyHigh Thu 15-May-14 11:14:35

yes you can buy the Kryolan makeup at Charles Fox

EasterSundaySimmons Thu 15-May-14 12:09:34

EasterSundaySimmons Thu 15-May-14 12:18:16


Once I decide which shade, I'm buying it.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 15-May-14 12:19:13

Is that krylon stuff any good? Looks fab and very reasonable.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 15-May-14 12:21:48

Hmmmm what colour? I'm off to google to see if I can work it out...

PiratePanda Thu 15-May-14 12:24:07

Kryolan is completely awesome. Unbeatable actually.

woodlandwanderwoman Thu 15-May-14 12:30:14

I love a new foundation, what is it about kryolan op?

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 15-May-14 12:31:44

One review says 'spreads like butter, covers like cement'grin my kinda foundationgrin

I'm looking at the pan stick...

Sunday-how did you very on with that veil cream you ordered on another thread ?

LIttleMissTickles Thu 15-May-14 12:32:47

Me too, just saw they're in Australia too. Which of their foundations is the magic one?

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 15-May-14 12:45:49

I'm looking at the green neutralising stick too!

EasterSundaySimmons Thu 15-May-14 12:51:17

I got the veil samples but not one of the very many matched my skin.

It's good stuff but not a match for me, sadly. My cousin was able to use the money off that I spent on samples as she got a perfect match.

I can't find a proper swatch chart for kryolan, it's all just computer palettes.

I may order two in a light and darker one and then blend.

CeliaFate Thu 15-May-14 13:04:38

Suquu is one of the most loved foundations on Sali Hughes' (beauty ed at the Guardian) website.

StampyIsMyBoyfriend Thu 15-May-14 13:08:13

Intrigued by kryolan! I have pale dry skin, with red acne blemishes & need heavy coverage.

Is it really good??

Got Lily Lolo samples this week and disappointed sad

squoosh Thu 15-May-14 13:15:09

Suqqu is meant to be the daddy of foundations, don't think it's quite pale enough for me though. Think it's £65 a jar.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 15-May-14 13:15:57

It's says on reviews you need to order one shade lighter than you normally would as it's TV make up so comes up dark.

Shame about the veil.

AntoinetteCosway Thu 15-May-14 13:34:43

You can go into Charles Fox-it's not just for pros. It's my favourite shop grin

I love Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. It's my all time best foundation. I am very pale (NC15) and the palest shade (2, bizarrely) and it suits me perfectly.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 15-May-14 14:22:47

They do a free colour match service!!!!<excited!>

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 15-May-14 15:09:19

I've ordered the neutraliser stick foundation - will see what the quality is like before ordering tons of other stuff!

PiratePanda Thu 15-May-14 17:55:50

I had the cream (?) in a little pot, not the liquid. Went on smoothly, absolutely perfect opaque coverage, and not remotely sticky or sweaty ever. I too had alabaster, and it was a perfect match for my skin, pinky rather than yellowy.

PiratePanda Thu 15-May-14 17:55:54

O th

PiratePanda Thu 15-May-14 17:56:42

Oh thank god Antoinette - I'll be getting myself down there tomorrow!

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