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What do you do with your clothes that are worn but don't need washing yet?

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plasticbanana Wed 14-May-14 09:33:53

I chuck mine on the floor at the end of my bed. I pile DD's up on her chest of drawers and it turns into a mountain. I change my pants, camisole, t-shirt and socks every day but things like jeans, knitwear etc end up in a growing heap, and clothes like silk shirts end up hung up on the airer with the drying clothes. I don't necessarily want to wear the same thing the next day and I don't want to put them back in the wardrobe unwashed. What do you do? I googled 'valet stand' but that seems a bit excessive. Maybe just a chair would do...

HolyDrinker Wed 14-May-14 09:35:52

I pile mine in a corner on a stool to be worn the next day. Then my fastidiously tidy DH bumbles along and puts them in the wash. It infuriates me that he can't just leave a pair of jeans out overnight.

plasticbanana Wed 14-May-14 09:37:41

grin Drinker I long for a tidy DH!

OneLittleLady Wed 14-May-14 09:37:57

Jeans and knitwear I just fold and put back in the drawer. I wear my jeans for ages before I wash them (so long as they are still clean) as it keeps the colour and shape for longer the less they are washed. I don't hang things like dresses back in the wardrobe though, even if they are clean, I just put them on a hanger on the front of the wardrobe door or fold them and put them on top of the drawers until I want them again.

Selks Wed 14-May-14 09:38:44

They live on my chairdrobe.

HolyDrinker Wed 14-May-14 09:39:36

Ah, you say that now but when you've spent 20 minutes looking for your trainers after getting two under 3s ready to leave the house, you'll change your mind.

(They were in the cupboard under the stairs. The one we never before have put shoes in. Of course.)

plasticbanana Wed 14-May-14 09:40:04

Oooooh Selks is that a real thing?

plasticbanana Wed 14-May-14 09:40:38

Or is it akin to my floordrobe?

Busymumto3dc Wed 14-May-14 09:40:44

I wash what I have worn everyday

forago Wed 14-May-14 09:40:55

the DC have baskets in the bottom of their wardrobes which pull out.ours go on hooks on the back of the wardrobe doors

Bagpussss Wed 14-May-14 09:42:35

Chairdrobe grin, I have one of them, just fold the clothes at the end of the day and put them on the chair to use again, once they pile up I put them in the washing machine, apart from jeans which I wear a lot.

ginslinger Wed 14-May-14 09:42:44

I put stuff back in the wardrobe or chest of drawers. Am I the only person that does this? Does this mean I am a skank akin to only washing sheets every leap year?

moggle Wed 14-May-14 09:44:29

HolyDrinker "I pile mine in a corner on a stool" EW they'll definitely need washing after that... wink

I used to always argue with my DH about this. As he wears a suit to work, he will change into the same clothes after work for about a week and they sit on a pile at the end of our bed along with his gym bag (he never goes to the gym) and anything else that needs to find a home. We have such a small bedroom it really takes up space, grr. It still annoys me but it seems there is just no way he will change!

Personally I don't see the problem with putting things like this back in the wardrobe. We have drying racks on the radiator in our bedroom and I sometimes hang things over those if I feel like they need to air out a bit. That doesn't take up too much room and looks (relatively) neat.

We are moving soon and my dream is to have a big enough bedroom so that DH can have a chair or a coat / hat rack type thing to put all his crap on.

RiverTam Wed 14-May-14 09:44:43

some go back into the chest of drawers, and others back on the rail (we don't have a wardrobe), and some on the chair.

GeordieMama Wed 14-May-14 09:45:26

I hang them over the bannister in the hallway outside the bedroom. Not ideal but haven't come up with a better system!

butterflyby Wed 14-May-14 09:46:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Wed 14-May-14 09:47:25

Ginslinger, I'm obviously as skanky as you. Mine go back in the wash basket if dirty, or if they can be worn again they go in the drawer/wardrobe, or on the chair until they go back in the drawer/ wardrobe. DH's go on his floordrobe. Why wouldn't you put them back in the wardrobe? Will they somehow contaminate the clean clothes?

MozartsHarpsichord Wed 14-May-14 09:52:11

Sometimes I hang something up by an open window for a while, to air.
Then it can go back in the wardrobe - a big clearout means that i have plenty of space for air to circulate between items. Plus the wardrobe is a bit wider than average.

Tops i change every day, but if i am wearing jeans again i just put them on top of my laundry basket overnight.

bouncinbean Wed 14-May-14 09:52:26

Things that might not get worn within 3 or 4 days (like knitwear or posh jeans) go back in wardrobe - anything else goes on our bannister. Not tidy but then guests don't go upstairs so I don't care!!!

2madboys Wed 14-May-14 09:52:38

I either put them back in the wardrobe or on the ironing basket as things like dresses and skirts sometimes need an iron even if they don't need a wash. I change t shirts etc, every day though.

Christelle2207 Wed 14-May-14 09:53:11

Because it makes sense to me to leave them out and wear them again soonish until they do need to be washed. Rather than start again. Also it's much easier to chuck them on the floor or chair. It's a relatively tidy pile. Honest!smile

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 14-May-14 09:53:56

I put them back in the wardrobe or drawers. I can't stand having clothes lying around. Unless it's something I'll wear again the next day, which I'll just hang behind the door. Surely you can't have an entire wardrobe of clothes out, waiting to be worn again? I wash all my clothes before they get packed away for the season. So everything gets cleaned at least once a year.

Noregretsatall Wed 14-May-14 09:54:34

Piled up on my chair but I don't have an extensive wardrobe to be honest.

OneLittleToddleTerror Wed 14-May-14 09:54:50

I do change t-shirts every day. And jeans I'll wash after a weekend of wear because they might have mud around the legs and I don't want them back in the wardrobe.

elQuintoConyo Wed 14-May-14 10:01:11

posh jeans ? What are they? I have H&M jeans and C&A jeans - which of those are posher and which would you wash after each wear?

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