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Workwear chatty thread Part 2

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BelindaAllWorkedOut Mon 12-May-14 16:37:10

Let's talk workwear. Maybe a little bit of non workwear fashion chat, too.

My blog is at but our chat goes above and beyond that.

Brillenbar Thu 26-Jun-14 21:09:25

Belinda I am so tempted by the cream zara coat. It looks like the beautiful Goat Redgrave but it's not six hundred squids.

I like the snake print blazer, and Nick Cave too! smile

Brillenbar Thu 26-Jun-14 21:32:52

What's not to like?

Did I ever tell ya that this here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?

Littlepinkpear Thu 26-Jun-14 22:20:24

Hi lurking, no joy at Glasgow Silverburn Zara. I didn't make into town - got excited in waitrose and ran out of time!

I am now the proud owner of the cropped pink jacket (frayed structured blazer apparently) great for us small people and I really like it after trying it on.

I also bought some floral trousers (can't find a link) and a striped top.

Mango order may all go back when it bothers to turn up.

Littlepinkpear Thu 26-Jun-14 22:21:17

Hi lurking, no joy at Glasgow Silverburn Zara. I didn't make into town - got excited in waitrose and ran out of time!

I am now the proud owner of the cropped pink jacket (frayed structured blazer apparently) great for us small people and I really like it after trying it on.

I also bought some floral trousers (can't find a link) and a striped top.

Mango order may all go back when it bothers to turn up.

lurkingaround Thu 26-Jun-14 22:38:21

That's so kind Littlepinkpear. Well I was in Zara today and I have given up on that jacket because I bought a different jacket! Black, double silver zip on right side, single zip on left. Not in the sale, new stock and I cannot find it on the website, I'm sure it's there somewhere, I can't see it tho. (Zara is a strange website for 'losing' stuff.) I haven't looked but I suspect it's mostly polyester and would burst into flames in a hot room but I absolutely love it on me. Love it.

Other than that Zara was like a poorly organized jumble sale today. It was awful. Tho Belinda do you remember that gorgeous mother of pearl bag you liked ( I remember cos I also loved it), there was a girl buying it next to me for £10! I followed her to ask where it was but there were none left. She was umm ing and aw-ing about it! I wanted to say 'I love it more it should be mine!'

Oh and I ordered shoes in Marks, they arrived and I live them but they won't stay on me, I slip out of the heel. They are really lovely.

lurkingaround Thu 26-Jun-14 22:39:39 these are the shoes.

Littlepinkpear Thu 26-Jun-14 22:55:56

Yes Zara was like teenagers bedroom, not nice.

I saw that jacket lurking and it is lovely smile

Bearleigh Fri 27-Jun-14 13:30:33

Lurking - Timpsons sell gel heel grips that are perfect for keeping your heels in shoes - I had a pair that I kept walking out of (embarrassing) but otherwise loved, and the gel grips mean they stay on now:

BeattieBow Fri 27-Jun-14 16:37:00

Out of all the recent posts, I'm most excited about the invisible sock liners! Please report back - I can't stand seeing them but I'm slipping around I. My shoes too . Yuk

In related news, I can report that the Boots, "bare" tights are fab! The autograph invisible ones were fine until it started being sunny and then my legs had a horrid nylony sheen about them,

I've not done any sale shopping yet. But have decided to only look at investment stuff that I can wear all year mostly because I've bought loads of crap summer stuff already

lurkingaround Fri 27-Jun-14 18:52:34

Thanks Bearleigh, but I've a feeling those heel grips won't do it. I will try them. I thing the heel bit of the shoe is cut too low or the shoe is a bit too big, and a size down would be too small. I would love a pair of fancy shoes. For my not so hectic social life.

NumptyNu Fri 27-Jun-14 19:36:14

How's the colour on the pink jacket pinkpear? I'm also a shortie and am liking the look of that....

Littlepinkpear Fri 27-Jun-14 23:54:36

Numptynu im 5ft and very petite, the sleeves are 3/4 length on my arms. The colour is very very pink, it's bright - think barbie pink

MissMarjoribanks Sat 28-Jun-14 00:16:31

If you're looking for a light jacket, I bought this on a whim and I'm really pleased with it.

Good quality, particularly given how cheap it is, lots of cotton and a nice colour.

I've worn it with lots of things, including dark bottoms.

Bearleigh Sat 28-Jun-14 08:02:37

Lurking do try those grips. I was amazed at the difference they made to my shoes.

BelindaAllWorkedOut Sat 28-Jun-14 09:21:13

Oh how annoying, I lost my post.

pinkpear I wanted that pink jacket (v watermelon to my eye), but it didn't fit me well. If it's reduced further, I might go back and try it again.

Beattie - ha ha, I will report back on the sock liners. They must be invisible! else too nanna. Good news on the Boots tights, I dislike the nylon sheen in the sun, too.

lurking - do you mean the black, sparkly and pearl box clutch? If yes, then, yes! I bought it last sale time. But I ordered it online as the store stock was all a little damaged. I keep the clutch in a fabric bag away from the DDs as it's quite precious to me. You can buy them from time to time in eBay. I still regret not buying a nude leather and pearl embellished box clutch from Zara about 2 years ago and have never seen one on eBay in that time!

Marjori - that H&M jacket looks like a great purchase - well spotted!

Merriboo Sat 28-Jun-14 13:55:13

Just got this and this in the sale at John Lewis
The Blake dress wasn't quite such a bargain but having tried it on, it was too nice to pass on. V pleased, I love Whistles but not their prices, so I hold out for their sales. Love this dress too

BelindaAllWorkedOut Sat 28-Jun-14 14:29:24

Meriboo - I also love the Whistles styling and designs. Great looking dresses, and I especially love the stretchy silk dress (last link).

Merriboo Sat 28-Jun-14 16:35:25

Belinda the Blake dress was one of those easily overlooked ones that looked nothing on the hanger- I nearly missed it. It is perfect for work; one of those effortless crepe dresses that never fails- lined, smart, comfy and the belt adds a nice detail. though its polyester which wont appeal as much to some, I don't mind that. I love the silk dresses and love the Lori and
this but they are a little less forgiving on the tummy area. I'm quite torn and might go back though, as it was so pretty....
this is a lovely jacket for work even though its jersey, I really liked the fit and quality, I just cant justify another navy jacket

Littlepinkpear Sun 29-Jun-14 22:51:46

Belinda I noticed the coast shoes are now £25! What are they like for those of us who have short legs? I usually avoid ankle straps .

bluestrawhat Sun 29-Jun-14 23:06:32

Is this nice for work

BelindaAllWorkedOut Mon 30-Jun-14 02:46:08

pinkpear - the Coast Celita heels are gorgeous and amazing value at £25. I would think fine for all legs as they are nude and also have vertical strap detail. They are selling out fast (friend had post purchase email from Coast that OOS in 41, despite website processing the order). Eve on has them if you want to see them on.

bluestraw - I love how that dress looks! V elegant. Although is polyester, so I couldn't comfortably wear it. Worth a try if you can wear poly.

meriboo - I have often almost overlooked many of my favourite basics. Yes, those stretch silk dresses can be tough if you carry your weight on your tummy - I do so have to be careful. Jersey blazers are perfect for the more casual than a structured blazer, more formal than a cardi look, aren't they?!

BelindaAllWorkedOut Mon 30-Jun-14 02:47:43

Just clicked through on that Fleur jacket link - I love it!

Merriboo Mon 30-Jun-14 07:27:17

Bluestraw a girl I work with has this and it looks good. She wears it with a white shirt underneath and the only thing I would say is that it needs to be a collarless one to work with the dress collar- no idea where her shirt is from.

Belinda debenhams still have stock of the Celita in all sizes so your friend could try there for the 41. How comfy are they? My inner shoeaholic adores them, not sure the new feet will?
The Blair jacket is lovely IRL too, they didn't have my size or I would have got it.
Never used to have a tummy problem but with an extra half stone on at the mo, it all seems to be in a pot tummysad the 12 skimmed the tum but looked a touch big everywhere else. They had enough stock that I decided to think about which size to go for.

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