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Best Make Up Brushes

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WaitMonkey Mon 12-May-14 16:33:07

I've decided to update my very old make up brushes, and treat myself to some new ones. Any recommendations please ? I've heard good things about Mac brushes.

goodasitgets Mon 12-May-14 16:36:55

Real techniques ones are great, I especially love the silicone eyeliner brush and the stippling foundation one

MaryShelley Mon 12-May-14 16:43:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LoadsaBlusher Mon 12-May-14 17:55:58

Mac for eyeshadow brushes

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 12-May-14 18:40:25

Real techniques

Or the fake Mac brushes from China on Ebay which are amazing, seriously.

The body shop are excellent quality.

Ihatemytoes Mon 12-May-14 19:35:30

Body shop brushes are fab. And there's usually a 40% off code knocking about.

WaitMonkey Mon 12-May-14 21:26:51

Thanks. Going to the shops tomorrow so will look at Mac, RT and the Body Shop. Thanks for the tips. Wouldn't off thought of the Body Shop, will look in-store then if I like them order online if I can find a code. Think some of the brushes I need to replace are RT, lasted ages. Definitely want to look at the Mac ones.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 12-May-14 21:33:34

I have some Body Shop ones from when they used to comb the hair off ponies grin

Some M&S Autograph
Some Barbara Daly for Tesco
Bare Minerals

(A bit of a mixed bag really)

I bought a set of the Barbara Daley for my DD to make it easier to practice with (she's 12) - they are good quality but not ££ (I got them in a sale at Tesco)

WaitMonkey Mon 12-May-14 21:38:17

Comb the hairs off ponies !!!! shock shock shock shock shock Really ? I assumed they would all be synthetic. Don't fancy horse hair.

[Adds Barbra Dayley to the list, thanks.]

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 12-May-14 21:41:59

The combed ponies brushes were back in the 1980s when Body Shop was a real lentil weaver shop grin
Probably synthetic now

WaitMonkey Mon 12-May-14 21:48:39

Ha, you're probably right. Body Shop used to have some ethics. Just the same as everyone else now.

[Secretly really to be talking to famous MN person 70] grin

DUSTIN Mon 12-May-14 21:48:51

I have a Ruby and Millie ones, ELF ones and I have just bought a set of Nanshy foundation brushes. ELF stipple and angled eye liner brushes are very good (and cheap smile). I have only just bought the Nanshy after seeing very good reviews on Amazon and Youtube.

oldiebutnctoday Mon 12-May-14 21:55:35

My dd (who spends hours on the internet researching make-up because she is 14) says the real techniques ones are always raved about by make-up artists wink

ZacharyQuack Tue 13-May-14 03:00:47

RT are great for face brushes - foundation, blush, powder. If you like eyeshadow, get MAC 239, 217 and 224 and you'll be sorted. If you only get one MAC brush, get a 217.

yazzy85 Tue 13-May-14 11:04:06

Have both Mac and real techniques are they are equally excellent quality, real techniques were a lot cheaper off amazon

frankietwospots Tue 13-May-14 11:11:24

The Real Techniques stippling brush has changed my life. Seriously.

MissBlake Tue 13-May-14 17:05:04

Rt brushes are great, for a year then they shed like mad.
Never heard of this happening to anyone else.
Mac do the best brushes imo, I have a powder and foundation brushes that are five years old.

Eco tools are good value and no shedding yet. I do find the range a bit limited though

I don't have any but sigma brushes have great reviews online

Elf brushes from the studio line are great, these ones are £3.75 T I don"t like the £1.00 ones from the standard range.

No7 kabuki brush is great but I have not tried any others.

Crown brushes sell directly to make up artists and have great reviews so have a look at thier site. I keep meaning to order a set but I not exactly short of brushes here!

Justtoobad Tue 13-May-14 17:07:20

I use nice paint brushes from Hobbie Craft, much cheaper and really good.

Leviticus Tue 13-May-14 21:40:10

Frankie I have one but it leaves me with visible brush stroke marks on my face!

What do you do with it that you rate it so highly?

BloodFlower Tue 13-May-14 22:19:58

Crown brushes are good quality, very soft and cheap.

Leviticus you shouldn't be stroking with the stippling brush - you stipple with it! So a sort of fast dabbing motion all over your face - not brush strokes. It's amazing!

frankietwospots Tue 13-May-14 23:31:47

Agree! You sort of dot it and buff with it.

Leviticus Wed 14-May-14 00:10:21

Thanks both. How do you get the product on your face to stipple with? Applied on the actual brush or dotted on your face?

goodasitgets Wed 14-May-14 00:13:26

I put the foundation on the back of my hand then dab the brush in to apply it smile

Have just ordered some RT dupes off eBay

singaporeswing Wed 14-May-14 02:09:51

Zoeva are my new favourites.

I do wedding make up in my spare time so have to have loads of different brushes. Don't buy fake off the Internet, really not worth the money.

I have a combination of Real Techniques and MAC for face, Zoeva and Sigma for eyes and rest of make up.

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