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Tell me about your latest buys?

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revolutionarytoad Sun 11-May-14 19:24:06

From Primark to whatever! tell all tell all, as many details as poss pls.

For me, I've been on a real religious AA kick. I'm so hipster, getting into them when they're going out of style (sort of- tho I think the fashion of hating on AA is pretty much over now). They'd probably hate me wearing (i.e. advertising) their clothes- not pretty or all-American in the slightest!

American Apparel forest green velveteen skirt £4.24 on ebay inc postage
AA maroon cable knit jumper £6 something inc p&p, think the RRP is £70 so am chuffed!

And seersucker striped white and blue AA shorts from the website, £15

And a pale green woven skirt....from the same. £33 down to £22 or something.
I have been well and truly taken in by AA it is true.

Also a pale green jumper and white sweater from Zara men, and a black jumper from UC of Benetton- does anyone think their sizing is super weird? I had to get an XL when I'm usually an S/M...

TessTackle Sun 11-May-14 19:32:02

Nothing massively trendy or interesting;
really cheered myself up with a longline, but thin and sheer-ish jumper from H&M. Cream, with 3/4 sleeves and grey rose print sporadically placed.

Slub white vest also H&M with a pretty skull on the front. Also sheer grin

There's a theme here... Denim leggings from H&M too. Tight like leggings, so make my bum and legs look nice but they look like jeans.

Those 3 came to just a couple pence over £30 smile

nilbyname Sun 11-May-14 19:36:18

Oooh I have just bought-

Lemon and white very thin 3/4 sleeve dropped hem jersey top- whistles
Grey ruches jersey mini-skirt- zara
linen ecru back button detail top-zara
geometric print peg trousers, they are white with a multi coloured print- zara
harem trousers- hush
breton stripe loose knit top- river island
bikini- plain black twist front- sea folly

I am going on vacation next month so needed a few bits.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 11-May-14 19:40:51

OK (I've been busy this week)

M&S jeggings (pull on ones) I have the indigo denim , I bought the black (planning to throw out 2 pairs of jeans , they're getting baggy and worn)

Matalan- shorts - sort of swishy, look like a skirt but shorts.
A check shirt, pastel ice-cream colours (trying to get away from grey and navy)

Good Things Manuka cleanser (recommended on here) it's lovely.

Soap&Glory CC cream (scary colour of peach but it goes on nicely)

Benefits minis - Bad Gal mascara, Posietint (pink one), and Porefessional

Random hair and shampoo for DD

I bought a black & white dress and a black bolero from Sainsburys last week.
Been searching for black sandles, no luck yet.

goodasitgets Sun 11-May-14 19:42:57

Nothing too exciting!
Nude comfy ballerina pumps from m&s
Wide black waist belt from m&s
Yours clothing - a short sleeve shrug, butterfly print top, a spotty v neck top and a bird print top
2 ewa michalak bras which are nothing short of miraculous for cleavage
Lots of makeup from makeup revolution - their palettes are lovely and £4 each
A spotty dress from biu biu which is a bust friendly polish brand

CoconutAmericano Sun 11-May-14 19:43:25

Ive just bought a stripey maxi dress from Boden for my hols. I love the fact that they do longer length dresses. Most maxi dresses are ankle bashers on me.

revolutionarytoad Sun 11-May-14 19:43:30

I like H&M! I like their bras mostly, and have a really pretty blue paisley sweatshirt from there. Don't like the hemline though, too thick, so planning to turn it into a cushion blush
Think a good pair of leggings is worth anything really. I live in them. It's really hard when you're buying off the internet cos they all look opaque and thick in pictures, and then they come and they're either as advertised or totally see through....

I quite like the new Zara collection. Might have to have another check of their new this week section now....

goodasitgets Sun 11-May-14 19:45:57

This is the spotty dress I got (ignore the mess, it was washing day!!)

goodasitgets Sun 11-May-14 19:47:19

Oh and for proper leggings I love maidenform ones (called skinny or flexees)
They're sort of tights material but not sheer, and have a tummy shaping panel that's flattening but not constricting

revolutionarytoad Sun 11-May-14 19:48:13

Oh christ yes, the hunt for sandals starts now....gladiators are still tagging along everywhere in shops. I still have a pair of perfect brown Topshop ones from ages ago, but they're muddy and fragile and I hate to do it, but am preparing for the day they break irreparably sad anyone found any perfect ones yet?

revolutionarytoad Sun 11-May-14 19:50:57

I will check that out pronto good, thank the way, Mint Velvet do some with a very high waist type panel which is great. You've probs seen them recommended on MN already though- I bought them on the strength of someone's rave post grin

nilbyname Sun 11-May-14 19:51:44

Oh and bought some new make-up and skin stuff from lancome.

goodasitgets Sun 11-May-14 19:52:28

I think I might have tried mint velvet but was outsized sad

TessTackle Sun 11-May-14 19:53:37

I don't know how much I like gladiator sandals.
I think mainly because I tan really quickly, even with sunscreen on and I don't want striped feet!

I do love H&M sandals, I fell out of love with them for a while; their stuff was very much teen orientated or old ladyish and no inbetween for a while but they're pulling me back in!

HairyFairyFoof Sun 11-May-14 19:55:19

Some new bras and fancy pants grin
Only Asda ones but theyre beautiful and are correctly sized thanks to the intervention thread! Makes me feel special having lovely underwear beneath my basic jeans and top!

Radley Rose Gold boyfriend watch - £67 down from £135!

Had a bit of a splurge on Lookfantastic and purchased -

Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner - love this stuff, pricey at 39.90 for 500ml bottles but my hair loves it.

RapidBrow growth Serum - awful eyebrows, good reviews for this stuff so will be interesting to see if it works!

Seche Vite Top Coat

Leighton Denny buffer

Ole Henrickson Facial sponges

Phillip Kingsley hairbrush

Sleep in rollers - were free as id spent over £50!! grin

BuntyCollocks Sun 11-May-14 20:14:54

Ooh I can play!

I've bought:

Eden vintage wash jeggings from dotty p
Ophelia navy polka dot swing dress from lindy bop
Leopard print converse
Zebra print ugg slip ons
3 cotton swing camis from warehouse

BikeRunSki Sun 11-May-14 20:18:16

Got some lovely silver flat sandals from Johnny B. Just waiting for the weather to wear them!

BikeRunSki Sun 11-May-14 20:19:52

Ooh, also picked up a white shirt with navy polka dots from sale rail in Saino 2 or 3 weeks ago. Thought it might be a bit frumpy, took a chance at £4, and I have worn in loads.

Waswondering Sun 11-May-14 20:25:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thurlow Sun 11-May-14 20:31:09

This gorgeous dress for a black tie wedding I have coming up (and thanks to MN for helping me find it!) Really flattering over my tummy, always good for the post-wedding dinner bloating I'm classy me.

Now I just need to find a stonkingly big necklace and some sort of wrap/cardi thing to wear with it...

revolutionarytoad Sun 11-May-14 20:35:06

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to start this thread.....I have the ITCH to check all these sites now. And SPEND!

I do however have a legitimate search ongoing: jeans. Think I might have to splurge on a pair of Levis because I am desperate, down to my old black moto ones since I had a clearout. Zara fit jeans are just shit for me, it's weird, their sizing is another brand which is just all over the place....

Just checked out lookfantastic and I am tempted, so tempted....must resist....

missmagnum Sun 11-May-14 20:47:36

This but in khaki [ dress]]

Hoping it will be a good summer throw on.

missmagnum Sun 11-May-14 20:48:31

Sorry link fail, hard to do it on my phone!

andream34 Sun 11-May-14 20:57:47

From Primark:
* the most GORGEOUS dress, that I think I will wear for my walking group annual dinner, it is a slightly above-knee length black dress with a large daisy print - £8! (I am 47, though people say I look about 40, I hope it will suit).
* a lovely summery camisole top, white with pretty blue flowers, which is just a perfect match to some cropped trousers I bought from Sainbugs a few weeks ago.
* also, a multi-way bra, way bigger than my normal size (their sizes seem to be really small compared to anywhere else).

From Quiz a lovely black and grey dress (coincidently also with daisies, but more abstract, reduced to 9.99 from 26.99) and a striking black camisole top (reduced to 4.99) with a pink/purple velvety leopard print that I reckon will look great with black jeans and cardy.

cromwell44 Sun 11-May-14 21:00:10

Bought these fab Oasis trousers:

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