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Reliable backless bra!

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bloomingheather Sat 10-May-14 15:25:37

I'm wearing this dress to my brother's wedding next month. It is pretty much backless so I obviously won't be able to wear a bra. A few years ago I probably would have just not worn a bra but wouldn't feel as confident doing that now. The dress is a wee bit loose at the shoulders and I really don't fancy the thought of potentially flashing my extended family while 'wigging out' to Dancing a Queen smile.
I've read great advice on here many times about bras. Does anyone have any recommendations of a good, comfortable backless bra? I remember having one years ago to wear with a dress that I wore it my school leavers' dance and it was a real faff to get on, with tapes to wrap around my waist! I've been putting off looking for one for fear of having to wrestle with tapes again. I'm about a 30DD (last measured a few years ago) and while I've always been relatively small chested, think I would feel much more secure with a good bra on.

bloomingheather Sun 11-May-14 01:03:51

Anyone?? Would love to hear from someone who has tried one, even of no success. Would know what to avoid!

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