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Stylish walking sandals

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Bannakaffalatta Fri 09-May-14 21:08:10

Do they exist?

I am trying to get fit and get out and about and walking more. This would include hills and mountains and rocky ground.

Merrell do a few pairs that look ok but I'm just not sure.

I'm in my 40's and wear Birkenstocks as my usual summer sandals.

MissMrsMummy Fri 09-May-14 22:30:28

'Sensible' footwear is a nightmare, isn't it?! I always struggle when going to a hot country and know I'll be walking a lot.

Camper came straight to mind and I saw these but I am not sure how hard wearing they are?

LoadsaBlusher Sat 10-May-14 08:45:45

Clarks Un Swish in Metallic Leather look lovely for a walking sandal
Not sure how to post link sorry

BikeRunSki Sat 10-May-14 08:48:08

I like Keen ones but still very "outdoorsy" style.

itsnothingoriginal Sat 10-May-14 11:22:52

I got some Teva walking sandals a few years ago and they are amazing. Mega comfy and smart enough to wear them to work (I don't need to be too smart for work though!). Hoping they'll have years more wear in them.

auldspinster Sat 10-May-14 13:42:58

Lands End do good walking sandals.

Hopefully Sat 10-May-14 14:43:38

these ones aren't totally horrible, although maybe not the most supportive.

Hopefully Sat 10-May-14 14:44:29

Of course, Bitkenstocks are actually cool this year, wear them and make the most of it while it lasts!

polyhymnia Sat 10-May-14 14:45:12

I like Fitflop sandals for walking. Chunky but very comfy. Am going to get a pair of their Slingcomber ones for that purpose this summer.

Quoteunquote Sat 10-May-14 14:51:34

How enjoyable walking is, depends on how good the footwear is, If you want to get the most out of the experience, I would concentrate on getting something that suits and supports your foot, and forget about the look.

go to a decent outdoor suppliers and try them all on, anything that rubs a tiny bit when standing still will kill after a few miles,

walking sandals are much harder than boots, because construction means there are more friction points,

try them all on, go on feel, no one worthwhile will care what they look like.

Bannakaffalatta Sat 10-May-14 17:02:18

Thanks all. I like the merrell ones so will probably visit go outdoors to try some on.

fusspot66 Sat 10-May-14 17:04:39

I saw a lady in John Lewis earlier trying on some very attractive teva ones.
Will Google for an image.

fusspot66 Sat 10-May-14 17:10:54

They were lovely in brown.....

fusspot66 Sat 10-May-14 17:11:29

My first link ever.

VenusDeWillendorf Sat 10-May-14 17:15:31

These sandals from Clarks are the most comfortable I have ever owned.

I walked everywhere in Rome with them last year and I could have kept on walking. Amazing considering the heat and the terrain.

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