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Best hairbrush for long, thick hair?

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NormHonal Fri 09-May-14 15:25:56

I've just realised that I've been using my incredibly-cheap Tresemme vented hairbrush for probably about four or five years blush and I am in need of a new one! I've never owned a "good" hairbrush.

Please share your recommendations with me - will spend a fair bit to get a good one. Are the Mason and Pearson ones worth it?

I have long, thick, highlighted hair, FWIW, and already have round vented ones and a BabyLiss Big Hair for drying purposes, this is literally for brushing.


ThatBloodyWoman Fri 09-May-14 15:27:35

I have long long thick hair and love my Avon paddle brush.

MikeLitoris Fri 09-May-14 15:28:48

I've got the Ghd paddle brush. I love it.

I've got really thick, long (almost bum length) hair that gets ridiculously knotty.

Gingermum Fri 09-May-14 15:35:25

I have long, thick, wavy hair. My parents bought me the Mason/Pearson brush for my 21st birthday. I'm now 45 and it's still going strong. Worth every penny!

NormHonal Fri 09-May-14 20:27:35

Thank you for the suggestions, am leaning towards the Mason and Pearson.

NormHonal Fri 09-May-14 20:32:09

Sorry, Mason Pearson (no "and").

MissBlake Fri 09-May-14 21:34:31

You could try a tangle teezer. My hair is long and thick and its the only thing that will go through it, although I do still need to section it. Other brushes just get stuck in my hair.

PenguinBear Fri 09-May-14 21:36:02

I can recommend both a paddle brush and a tangle teezer!

MissMrsMummy Fri 09-May-14 22:19:16

Agree on the tangle teezer and I have a great paddle brush by Moroccanoil - it's the best I've used!

HamAndPlaques Fri 09-May-14 22:19:50

YY to Mason Pearson.

ouryve Fri 09-May-14 22:22:18

Tangle teasers are fantastic. Ours leaves DS2's and DH hair lovely and glossy. Even DS1 lets me use it on him and he finds having a brush anywhere near his head quite painful, sometimes (his hair isn't long, but will be if he doesn't let me cut it properly, sometime soon!)

TequilaMockinBird Fri 09-May-14 22:26:57

I use a tangleteezer when my hair's wet, and a Denman when it's dry.

Both are great on my ridiculously thick hair but if I had to choose just 1, the tangleteezer would win every time!

mrssmith79 Fri 09-May-14 22:31:26

Yy to Mason Pearson, although I got a fab Kent paddle brush in TK Maxx a while ago.

OddBoots Fri 09-May-14 22:34:01

I nearly bought a Mason Pearson but in the end I got this Denman one - I've only had it a few days but I love it, it is the only brush I've owned that has made my hair soft and shiny.

ThisBitchIsResting Fri 09-May-14 22:34:47

Stick to your vented brushes! You should only brush to detangle, and vented ones are much kinder than Mason Pearson style ones, which float over the surface of your hair making it temporarily shiny. Style it well and occasionally gently detangle it - your hair will thank you. <swishes long lovely locks>

Another vote for the Avon paddle brush here. I have waist length curly hair that it takes me half an hour to get a brush though as it knots.

StrawberryMoose Fri 09-May-14 22:38:10

I have a Mason and Pearson which I love. I have to say though for getting all the knots out a Tangle Teaser is the way to go.

I just looked up the mason Pearson brushes shock [more money than sense emoticon] £80 for the bristle version! plus I am not convinced bristle is the way to go for long, curly hair.
And they're nowhere near as big as the nylon paddle brush, which is only £8 ish. Bargain.

itsbetterthanabox Fri 09-May-14 23:50:34

Tangle teezers aren't that great on very thick hair. Short bristles means it takes ages to brush! My favourite brush is a denman. It brushes quickly and smoothly on my very thick hair.

itsbetterthanabox Fri 09-May-14 23:51:28

Denman are just as good as mason Pearson and much cheaper!

NormHonal Sat 10-May-14 12:53:00

Thanks for the new replies, only just has a chance to sit down and read them.

I do have a Tangle Teezer already, but tend to use it in the shower for conditioner. Maybe I'll get another for dry brushing - the hairdresser uses on one me.

Will also have a look at the Denman ones, thanks.

I do have some birthday money to spend, so the Mason Pearson cost is actually ok, as long as it's the best one!

teacherwith2kids Sat 10-May-14 12:58:45

DD, and all her ballet girl friends with long thick hair, have this Denman one:

Using it to excess at the moment, as DD is dancing in a festival so needs the whole lot brushed out and re-put up in a new style for each class, 6 or 7 times a day. Even when hair is thick with hair styling products (as there is an expectation of rigorous hair neatness) it gets through with no trouble.

DaftSkunk Sat 10-May-14 13:24:16

I got a paddle brush from Primark which is really good.

Sassyshaz Wed 14-May-14 15:20:24

I have been using this brush for 6 months esp in the shower when washing hair and conditioning - it's an amazing product as I have thick long hair and gets all the tangles out lol

snooky179 Wed 14-May-14 15:32:29

I don't know which tangle teaser other posters are using but I bought one for my daughter's long curly hair & it is rubbish ! Hmm ?

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