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SuperFlyHigh Fri 09-May-14 11:21:01

I know you lot will all think I'm mad but saw in Essentials magazine how there's a lot of DIY highlighting kits out there but I spend a fortune on highlighting my hair.

saw this one:-

there must be others.

would you try it? have you? pros and cons v salon highlights? thanks!

itsbetterthanabox Sat 10-May-14 00:00:36

I've done it. I used a highlighting cap. Definitely have someone help. It does hurt a bit pulling the bits of hair out but it's fairly easy. Don't leave the bleach on too long! Keep checking it! What's your base colour? Mines ashy light brown and the highlights were a much lighter golden blonde. Use loads of conditioner and a toner if it's too yellowy.

MyVegasBaby Sat 10-May-14 09:08:08

I use Garnier multi lights. No cap, just brush on with a small comb. I have dark blonde (with grey!) hair and just use it to lighten the top layer of my hair and cover the grey. I tend to do it once or twice and just get a cut at the salon and then the next time have salon highlights. Have got quite good at it now and it saves me a fortune!

Eliza22 Sat 10-May-14 10:48:37 watching. I have naturally darkish blonde hair which catches the sun in summer (if we have any!). For years I did the highlights T-section every 10 to 12 weeks for re growth. Last year, I decided to grow my hair from short and thought it'd be healthier, if I returned to my own colour. But. Whilst it's shiny and health (and just touching shoulders now - and I can tie it up) it does feel dark. Can the Garnier comb-on kit be used to just do the front bit? Like it's been in the sun?

Might give it a go.

YouHaveBeenOutbid Sat 10-May-14 18:03:21

I use the kit you linked to OP. There's no way I'd go back to getting salon highlights now. It takes a while to pull all your hair through but so did sitting in a salon for hours. Be careful with the condition though as with any bleach. I use the conditioning shampoo provided, rinse it off and then literally empty half a pot of elvive deep conditioner over my hair. Seems to do the job! I've only ever had one disaster, when it bled through the cap at the front. Had to change my parting till it grew down!

MyVegasBaby Sat 10-May-14 23:45:56

Yes you can comb on the Garnier kit just where you want it.

Corygal Sat 10-May-14 23:53:38

I used the L'Oreal kit this week - by myself. Your best bet is to get a friend to yank the strands through on the cap version, but I went solo and used the other method - balayage - ie painted on the highlights myself.

It looks fine! I mean, I hope I'll get a bit better at it next time, but no chance am I spending 100 quid in the salon again. The difference is minimal.

Corygal Sat 10-May-14 23:56:38

The L'Oreal one covers grey as well - I did fine streaks at the front and a bit at the back for consistency.

MrsCocoa Sun 11-May-14 10:45:20

Think it's harder than it looks to get a natural looking distribution of hair through the cap! Might be tempted to explore training nights at local salons/colleges, where junior staff will be well supervised, as a low cost alternative?

Cahu5 Sun 11-May-14 11:31:14

Most salons do training mornings too. DD just had foils done for £15 which are fab!

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