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Help me plan my wardrobe for my trip of a life time.

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newnameforanewstart Fri 09-May-14 09:37:45

Hi All,

Ok Ive name changed this morning as I have decided to be more positive about my life!

Ok, So I have the trip of a life time coming up with BF, we are going to south africa for a few weeks. The problem is that we are going to have to pack for Cold weather, hot weather, beach and moutains! We are going to be staying with his family, visiting some friends, seeing a few sites, spending a bit of time alone etc. I also need to pack light as we will be moving about a fair amount. So it is a bit of a challenge to say the least.

So I thought I would start a thread and get your opinions and advice.

Ok, Im a tall hour glass size 12 to 14 (normally wear a 12 about 80% of the time but some brands seem to be cut a little small across the bust) good figure, small waist big boobs, good legs - arms are the bits I hate the most I�ve worked really hard and finally have a flat stomach which I am ridiculously proud of (have been over weight for most of my life) oh Im in my early 30s.

Ive found a few bits already that I would like to put out to the MN style police for your honest opinions. I really do want honest so if you think I am totally off the mark then please tell me. I am rather excited to be honest just a little worried about meeting BF family for the first time.

specialsubject Fri 09-May-14 10:47:42

with a figure like that you've nothing to worry about. Anyway, practicality first.

my mixed climate trip packing list (used for New Zealand but sounds possibly appropriate for where you are going). You'll be doing some washing as you are away for a while.

obviously no jeans (useless in all climates), hair dryer, straighteners.

shoes: 1 pair walking shoes/boots, one pair trainers (wear on journey), one pair flip flops. Possibly one more pair smart shoes. Suitable socks.
week's worth of underwear
two fleece tops - lightweight, warm when wet, quick drying. Layer them under a windproof, waterproof jacket for the mountains. (NOT a fashion 'showerproof' rag)
walking trousers, the convertible ones are good for mountain trips.
maybe a thermal top or two.
beach wear- recommend a rash vest to stop you frying so you can enjoy long swims. Obviously deliberate sunbathing there would be daft. Two swimsuits, the rash vest, one sarong as a cover up.
tops; t-shirts, vest tops. NOT TOO MANY.
one long skirt. Max two pairs shorts - long loose cotton ones good for your hot weather section.
max two 'smarter' outfits, creaseproof.
sunhat, warm hat, warm gloves.

everything in same colour palette so easy to wash together. No white, no black.

suncream, insect repellent to start you off. I imagine they sell it there. :-)

documents, travel insurance, medication pack, basic toiletries, camera.

Not quite carry-on but doesn't need a giant rucksack. done. smile

peasandlove Fri 09-May-14 10:56:20

I went to SA in winter. I packed Jeans, tshirts, sweatshirts, trainers and probably not much more, maybe a skirt or dress or two.
It's warm during the day but very cold at night, depending on where you will be. I'm assuming you'll be staying at peoples houses so no need to take quick drying fleecy hiking type gear?

Justinepants Fri 09-May-14 10:56:48

How exciting!
Links or pics of what you've thinking of already so we can get an idea of your taste?

newnameforanewstart Fri 09-May-14 11:10:25

Ok, So we are staying in johannesburg, Cape town and Durban. Staying with people in houses in each place. Communting inbetween staying in B n Bs and the odd hotel. Washing doesnt concern me, plus if I get it horrifcally wrong there are shops so I can buy stuff. I would prefer however, to advoid that if possible.

Ok so far I have this for the airport. The jeans are vintage and I love them so comfy and easy to travel in. The idea being to tuck the shirt into the Jeans with it open and showing the vest top underneath. I wouldnt normally worry but we are being collected by BF parents (how I have never met!) not 100% happy with the shoes but again they are very comfy and easy to walk miles in if needed. I fly a lot of work and have used up my frequent filer miles to get upgraded to virgin upper class so we have access to the lounges etc. We take off EARLY and land very late so I wanted something that could be warm for when we go to the airport / arrive.

Do you think that works?

newnameforanewstart Fri 09-May-14 11:15:38

For the beach side of things.

Was thinking about taking these from Bravisimo. My old favourite shorts and holely jumper to bung over the lot for getting to the beach. I do need a new rash vest but Im struggling to find any I like!

Was thinking I might change one bikini for a swimming costume but I cant find any I like either! Suggestions for both needed! I take a 32GG which needs support.

newnameforanewstart Fri 09-May-14 11:23:49

From there I start to get a bit stuck!

Tops I have currently 2 short sleeved t Shirts, 2 long sleeved, 3 vests, one short sleeved white tailoured shirt and a sparkley top from Miss Selfridge for going out.

I was THINKING about taking skinny jeans, my sort of taliored shorts and a skirt (but I cant find any I like at the moment) and a couple of dresses plus another pair of trousers (had orignally thought of taking my white bootleg jeans) But that means I will be living in jeans and I dont think that is right. So significant help needed!

newnameforanewstart Fri 09-May-14 11:45:42

Sorry funny finger moment not a 32GG a 28GG Have no idea what happened there!

specialsubject Fri 09-May-14 11:45:42

oops, wrong thread for me. I find jeans only comfortable in UK temperatures (and not in summer) - can't imagine how ghastly they would be in heat.

that also looks a LOT of stuff.


newnameforanewstart Fri 09-May-14 11:48:40

Specialsubject - not the wrong thread at all! Thats the purple of this thread, I want to cut down as much as I can which is difficult when it is different weather, activities etc. I need things than can do double or triple wear plus we are going for quite a while, for a 2 week holiday I can managed on cabin baggage for 2 or 3 people. That why its tricky. All suggestions greatfully recieved.

newnameforanewstart Fri 09-May-14 11:52:50

Purpose - not purple
Work - not wear

Must stop trying to post on a tablet!

Sonotkylie Fri 09-May-14 14:18:59

Hi Newname. We went to SA last July/ aug for 4 weeks with limited luggage, so I know the problem. Temperatures ranged from 26 during the day to -2 at night. It rained a fair bit in Cape Town and when it did was chilly.
I took a pair of jeans (invaluable), a pair of trousers, a pair of Hush joggers (warm but nice not hideous) and a knee length denim type skirt that I could wear with tights or without. Tops: a weeks worth of long and short sleeve t shirts, 2 medium weight jumpers, a medium weight cardigan, and a uniqlo down gilet which packed to nothing. A raincoat - essential. All the tops could be layered and at times I was wearing a long sleeve t shirt, a jumper, the cardigan and the gilet. I also took thermals (double duty as spare pyjamas for washing), a pair of leggings and a pretty tunic. We did safaris and stayed in nice places but not smart. I found SA generally not too smart obvious exceptions in posh parts of Cape Town, but I am not young or beautiful enough for them in any country.
I can't remember about shoes .. One desert boots, one leather converse type and ...? I think I had about 3 pairs. Oh yes birkies for the plane and hot days.
You will need to wash clothes. And I suspect you will need some prettier/ smarter stuff for meals out or things with friends you are staying with but swapping some t shirts for pretty tops should do it. A bit of a shoe nightmare though ...
Hope that helps. Have a lovely time

newnameforanewstart Fri 09-May-14 16:04:38

ARHHHH - Ive got a serious head ache. Why is this so blinking difficult.

Im normally so well put together and this is driving me mad. Im starting to wish I wasnt going to be honest.

Sonotkylie thanks thats great, did you have a nice time?

peasandlove Fri 09-May-14 23:11:01

I think youre over thinking it smile Just take enough warm things, layer up, and think conservative as most Sth Africans are.
You'll have a lovely time, have some droewors for me

Plateofcrumbs Sat 10-May-14 05:01:43

I'd take some colourful /patterned scarves - practical for warmth and/or keeping the sun off. Large ones could double for a beach sarong. And they instantly convert jeans and t-shirt into an outfit.

I'd also recommend a casual soft/loose blazer or blazer-style cardigan. I have two I wear a lot - one is a jersey style fabric and the other a knit. Both can be worn with pretty much anything but look more chic than a cardigan or jumper.

I'd add a light, thin knit in a neutral colour than you could layer-up over a t-shirt and under the blazer.

A pair of jeans, a pair of cotton/linen trousers, a skirt and some shorts - all neutral. A selection of t-shirt style tops. A cotton/jersey dress that can be dressed up or down.

Unless I'm travelling absurdly light I'll always take a bit of bold jewellery that will make a daytime outfit work for evening.

Sonotkylie Sat 10-May-14 10:15:26

Yes we had a fantastic time. It is a mindblowingly beautiful and diverse country with wonderful people. And while the diversity doesn't help packing it isn't a reason to miss it.
I too took a couple of pretty scarves and bits of jewellery.
If it helps, just try the 4 bottoms and 8 tops idea but just in your own style. As long as you have enough layers and pop in a few things that are beautiful/ you love then its easy! Ha! Ha!

littlewhitebag Sat 10-May-14 11:11:27

My DH and i went in October for our 25th wedding anniversary. It was fantastic. We needed city clothes, beach clothes, safari clothes etc. I found i didn't have enough warm clothing and had to buy fleeces/jumpers there. I think layering is the way to go.

newnameforanewstart Sat 10-May-14 17:09:31

YEAH - you are all great!

Ok, Im back from the shops with these would love some opinions (if you dont mind)

wide leg trousers in a light stone
Jersery Blazer - love the Cuff detail
V neck jumper from Lands end - normal love blue but would it look too much if I put the blazer over the top?
purple V neck - great colour on me
this which I am un sure about so opinons PLEASE
Also picked up this blazer which is amazing really fits my bust and waist which is very unusual
I also brought this becuase I like the colour but I am unsure about taking it!
Straight legged jeans from Gap
Skirt from Pepperberry
White Tailored shirt from Pepperbery

Dresses are a major bug bear of mine - I have very smart which I wear to work but you would struggle to dress down. HOWEVER, I do have this White which I think I could dress up or down depending on shoes, belts jacket etc. Would that work?

Now I realise I may definately have brought too much stuff, so there might will be some stuff that needs to be returned and I could do with some chuncky jewlery and a couple of fun scarves - my scraves and jewllery are more office or evening appropriate but I am sure I can find some bits easily. SO what do you all think???? Please can I have totally honest opinons!

newnameforanewstart Sat 10-May-14 17:21:59

Opps Sorry forgot these!

Fits really well but wasnt too sure about the colour?
this as one short sleeved top
This sort of tshirt
Long sleeved Tshirt

And I have these 3 vest tops which I was going to take, along with the white shirt above and the purple stripped one.

So I could layer vest top, shirt, jumper and blazer if necessary.

Am I getting any where near close?

newnameforanewstart Sat 10-May-14 17:24:35

Now attached! DUH

newnameforanewstart Sat 10-May-14 18:21:22

Jewellery wise what do you think about these?

Cuff silver
Multi Strand Necklace and Matching Bracelet
Stranded braclet cuff
Love this colour necklace
Big Necklace
So chunky what do we think about the colour?
Simple long drop in grey

newnameforanewstart Sat 10-May-14 19:04:37


Cuff silver
Multi Strand Necklace and Matching Bracelet
Stranded braclet cuff
Love this colour necklace
Big Necklace
So chunky what do we think about the colour?
Simple long drop These suit me wear alot of them for work!
Tribal necklace monsoon
Chunky from M&S quite like that
Multi Strand Chip necklace
Mulit strand not sure about the colour
Gladiator Cuff

Belts I have numerous - love belts its great for when things are a touch big on the waist its nips me back in.

Current favorites
Red hip belt
Beige Belt I live in this with jeans!
Brown Skinny double wrap

Once I have the clothes and jewelry sorted I can work out the shoes which is going to be a nightmare as I love SHOES!

mirpuppet Sat 10-May-14 19:20:13

Wow you got a lot.

Some initial reactions -- return wide leg trousers -- I have purchased trousers like that and they are not dressy or casual so don't get used much. You could be different.

First blazer is nice -- I like cuffs too.

Tunic looks interesting -- keep

Blazer -- you need to decide but I Think it could be useful in real life (not just travel)

Keep shorts and jeans.

Full skirt -- I would return -- I always feel fat in them. But as always you may differ.

White shirt and dress I like.

Return jumper -- as another website says -- it sis soul destroying beige (I know it probably looks fabulous on someone but on most -- it is a drain -- hence why it is so reduced in price).

I like the three pepperberry blouses.

I like all the necklaces --- but I'm a necklace person.
Silver cuff could be useful.

Belts -- I think you should pack 2 max.

newnameforanewstart Sat 10-May-14 19:41:59

Mirpuppet - Yes I did hit the shops for a while

Trousers are a bit of a nightmare being tall and a hour glass. If they are have a taper they can be terrible I do also already have these in the blackcurrent, black, white and clay colours I bulk buy trouser when they suit me and fit and are the right length! So I think I will probably take the wide leg ones back from today. Not sure which colour to take though.

The Beige jumper - beige is a lousy colour on me (particularly near my face) but I thought I would get it as it is a bog standard neutral I really suit bright colours, blues are good, black, white anything else providing it is bright, cool and sort of socks you in the face. Pastels are another thing that look horrid on me! Ok in tiny amounts ie a belt but anything else makes me look really ill! Might see if I can swoop it for the red one though.

The blazers collectively I think I might keep they look really smart Might take 2 of them (not sure which two)

The purple and blue jumpers look good but the blue one might be a little fuddy duddy on me so I might return that and just keep the purple one.

Skirt is proving to be a night mare! May get rid of the idea completely, normally live in pencil skirts for work but that seems a bit formal, maybe?

The dress is good but a little plain, so definitely needs livening up!

The oriental top I am not 100% on, need to have another try on of it, I like it but not sure the colour suits me that well.

I love necklaces, and bracelets, earrings don´t do brooches! Think I need to narrow down the clothes first and then work out which of the jewelry to get same with the belts.

newnameforanewstart Sat 10-May-14 19:52:33

OOH, just remembered

I that this in the dark grey and this in the icey grey OK definitely taking the pepperberry jumper back and I think the blue one too from Landsend. Will hold on to the purple one and try and couple of things on with these two

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