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HoC Autumn thread 3 - still looking fabulous!

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RahRahRasputin Thu 01-May-14 20:22:24

Hi, I hope no one minds me starting a new thread, I was about to post on the old one and then saw it was on 999 messages so I'm hoping I can get a link to this one on before it fills up so we don't get lost. Apologies if I've trodden on anyone's toes blush

The previous thread is here

schmalex Thu 01-May-14 21:05:18

Marking my place!

Itscurtainsforyou Thu 01-May-14 21:08:37

Me too!

pebbles77 Thu 01-May-14 21:11:41

Me three x

CMP69 Thu 01-May-14 21:14:03

Me 4 blush

BabCNesbitt Thu 01-May-14 22:29:59

Hello! Just posting because I wanted to ask Notgoing what a natural gamine was?

Itscurtainsforyou Thu 01-May-14 22:34:59

Is anyone else struggling for spring/summer clothes? Most pastels just don't suit me, so I've mainly been wear cream/beige tops (as they look ok), but I'm starting to feel a bit predictable...

cheeseismydownfall Thu 01-May-14 22:55:32

I snaffled up some sale bargains from Great Plains (links on previous thread) but now the sun has (briefly) come out I reaslied that they were not very summery. I'm a deep leaf autumn and don't look my best in lights / off whites. I got a couple of bits from White Stuff (not everyone's cup of tea I know) with a 15% code:

schmalex Fri 02-May-14 18:37:23

I have the same problem curtains, I always end up wearing peacock/teal type colours and feeling like I look a bit samey.

Hopefully Fri 02-May-14 19:15:49

Hello everyone!

Curtains I tend to wear a lot of oyster/apricot/orange/khaki/marine navy paired with oyster/lizard grey/bright red in summer. I am not at my best in the lighter colours, but quite often wear a pale colour on my bottom half (apricot pencil skirt, off white jeans etc) and wear a better colour for me on the top.

Hopefully Fri 02-May-14 19:21:31

I have been wearing this shirt dress with leggings a lot recently. An still in post natal style wasteland, but at least the colour is good!

Am on the hunt for another pair of skate shoes, so if anyone sees any in good autumn colours, give me a shout.

EndOfThePier Fri 02-May-14 19:37:06

Hopefully - sorry, haven't been on here for a while (and am a name changer!). Did you have a boy or a girl - big congratulations either way.

Hopefully Fri 02-May-14 19:43:35

A girl end. V strange after two boys! She seems to be fitting in very well though smile.

seamew Sat 03-May-14 11:13:20

Hello ladies! I am a self-diagnosed autumn and I've been following this thread for a while - loads of lovely stuff on here.

I'm posting here for a bit of autumn-specific advice: I need a non-wedding wedding dress for late June and I'm starting to panic a bit! Most summer dresses I can find are, well, summery. I thought I might have cracked it with a sort of beige silk thing from stories [] but the cut was awful in real life (made my already substantial hips look absolutely gigantic) and the colour wasn't great either tbh. Has anyone seen anything nice?

Hopefully Sat 03-May-14 13:44:21

seamew hello and welcome! I am out shopping this weekend, so will link if I see anything good.

Hopefully Sat 03-May-14 13:45:30

Are you the bride btw? Congrats if so! I was intending a non-weddingy dress for mine, but ended up with a phase eight wedding dress, which was gorgeous and perfect (and comfy! No corsetry).

sotiredfornow Sat 03-May-14 16:06:08

Hopefully - what is the sizing like on that shirt dress? I really like it but it looks huge on the model. I'm a UK 6, 5'2. I'm guessing it would drown me.

Shame, would be useful to wear with navy leggings and tan sandals on lazy days.

seamew Sat 03-May-14 21:07:15

Thanks! Yes, sorry, I am the bride and I suppose I might end up wearing something more wedding-y, but I'd prefer not to. Will have a look at phase 8...

Hopefully Sun 04-May-14 11:49:22

Oh, have bought balance 574&Rf-700=1000&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=50&sort=-1&clr=Grey these new balances for the school run. Lizard grey/khaki type colour. Am being complete fashion sheep, but need comfy shoes!

Notgoingtotakeitanymore Tue 06-May-14 14:59:49

In answer to Babc a natural gamine is a house of colour style category (structured, neat, slightly boyish, with texture and natural fabrics - there's more to it than that - but that's the gist).

CMP69 Tue 06-May-14 15:55:48

These aren't even vaguely Autumnal but they are very pretty blush

VarsityQueen Tue 06-May-14 19:52:38

I got this recently. It looks like it should be too pink for an Autumn and it's also described as black multi but it seems to suit me (got every colour under the sun really so probably suits more than one season!). I'm a pale, fair haired Autumn

Floral top

This could be good as an Autumn summer dress

I was diagnosed as an Autumn 8 years ago so have managed to get rid of all my wrong clothes but I still get tempted by the 'wrong' colours sometimes especially light pink and blue!

LeapingOverTheWall Wed 07-May-14 08:58:02

Sainsburys have had some coral tops in recently, although I can't see them on the website.

SuperConfused Wed 07-May-14 12:06:11

seamew I feel your pain - not feeling much love for what's in the shop at the moment. I saw a coral silk column dress in Cos a few weeks ago which I subsequently saw someone wear to a party and it looked spectacular on. Can't see it online, and you would definitely need to be tall and/or slim, but if it suits it would be really striking and very appropriate as a non-wedding wedding dress.

I'm currently panic shopping for a wedding (as a guest) next weekend, so only have this weekend to look and am running out of ideas after a lot of time trawling John Lewis and westfields. Having made my peace a bit with my Ingenue diagnosis (thanks for those who calmed me on the last thread) I'd really like to find something that works with my colours and my style. I would have thought something a bit lacey and floaty but structured in a coral or teal would be possible given its summer but finding it v difficult. Budget up to 150 for something perfect.

Can I confirm, before I traipse into a Coast, that this is really more pink than coral and probably wouldn't work?

I've searched Asos online and the only thing that came close was this, but I fear a) the colour might be a bit washed out and b) its a bit too short for a church wedding:

Would love if anyone has any guidance, or places I've missed - have been to Monsoon, (this was not bad but fear colour not spot on:,mon_1.2/5532336116), whistles, hobbs, john lewis, cos, reiss, warehouse, and I'm running out of ideas.

I love the look of this but fear the high neck wouldn't be super flattering (I'm a 12 but quite busty and high necks are not ideal):

RahRahRasputin Wed 07-May-14 15:47:40

CMP69 pretty shoes! Shame about the colour.

I bought these Hype Jungle Leopard trainers a few weeks ago. They were too big so I've sent them back for an exchange but just seen they're now out of stock sadsad

Also got this Oasis tan jacket, it's quite nice and comfy and smartens up some of my outfits, think it would work with some of my dresses for a work outfit if I ever get a job grin

I ordered a few lovely coloured jumpers but when they turned up they were all a weird boxy style, so the body was about twice the size I was expecting! Obviously didn't look at the pictures closely enough blush

SuperConfused I'd be tempted to try the pink Coast one, it's hard to tell with corals I find. I also love the ASOS one. I'd definitely wear that for a church wedding and I'm even considering it now for a wedding I've got later in the summer, so thank you smile

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