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Red lipstick for beginners - any tips/recommendations?

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MrsMeow Thu 24-Apr-14 20:19:49

I tried some of DDs on earlier and really liked it but it's SUCH a contrast to the pinky/browns that I usually wear that I'm not sure I'd have the bottle to leave the house in it!

I'm going out this weekend so seems as good a time as any to try, but can anyone recommend one that would be good for a 'beginner'? The one I used is a Rimmel one and a really bright, matte, Marilyn Monroe red. I'm wondering if a lipgloss or something might be better to try?

I'd be grateful for any tips smile

coffeeinbed Thu 24-Apr-14 20:22:56

Revlon Romantic chubby pencil which is now back in stock, very easy and flattering.
Lipstick Queen Medieval -again, very pretty, not very long lasting though.

JapaneseMargaret Thu 24-Apr-14 20:30:55

Marks place.

I think there's a MAC one, Ruby Woo? That is supposed to flatter many colourings.

coffeeinbed Thu 24-Apr-14 20:33:52

Ruby Woo is very hard to wear.
It's dry and difficult to apply.

JapaneseMargaret Thu 24-Apr-14 20:38:16

I've never tried it. I've just read that many people seem to find it wearable. Not everyone though, I guess.

coffeeinbed Thu 24-Apr-14 20:41:42

Sorry, didn't mean to be rude.
It's just my opinion on it.

MrsMeow Thu 24-Apr-14 20:42:35

Thanks smile I wear a lot of MAC so like the sound of Ruby Woo but I found the one I tried today quite dry and hard to apply. I might have a look for the Revlon one in Boots tomorrow.

JapaneseMargaret Thu 24-Apr-14 20:44:33

LOL! No, it's just that that's in stark contrast to what I've previously heard about it - I was under the impression it was some sort of holy grail of red lipsticks.

I really dislike dry lipsticks.

MrsMeow Thu 24-Apr-14 20:45:21

Coffeeinbed I just tried to see the Revlon one online on Boots but couldn't find it, would you be able to link please? smile

SchnitzelVonKrumm Thu 24-Apr-14 20:46:44

Bobbi Brown 'Red' is very easy to wear.

coffeeinbed Thu 24-Apr-14 20:49:06

Well, there's always one...
I love my red lipsticks though, I try them so you won't have to!

somedizzywhore1804 Thu 24-Apr-14 20:50:04

Rimmel moisture splash dark red. Comes in a purple tube. Keeps lips moist.

evelynj Thu 24-Apr-14 20:50:58

Bourjois rouge no 10 is nice

You could also try revlon lip butter-candy apple but I say go the whole hog-wear it in the evening at home for a few nights &/or take a photo to look at & get yourself used to it & get your confidence up.

JapaneseMargaret Thu 24-Apr-14 20:52:45

Don't these recommendations depend on your colouring? Some people might need more of a blue-red, and some more of a yellow?

EyelinerQueen Thu 24-Apr-14 20:53:45

I wear red lipstick most days.

Ruby Woo is a beautiful colour but the formula really is rubbish. It's ridiculously dry and goes patchy even on freshly exfoliated and moisturised lips.

I am currently obsessed with NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo.

Other drugstore favourites are the Kate Moss for Rimmel in 022 and a couple of Collection 2000 ones which are absolutely fabulous for the price. Their Volume Sensation in both Ruby Red and Cherry Pop and their Deluxe lipstick in both Silent Movie and Prohibition.

EyelinerQueen Thu 24-Apr-14 20:54:57

Oh yeah and these are all blue-ish reds that flatter my very pale skin and blue eyes.

I can't do orange reds!!

coffeeinbed Thu 24-Apr-14 20:55:23

Right, I had a look and can't find it either.

I did see it a couple of weeks ago and meant to buy a fresh one because the one I'm using is wearing away. So now I'm kicking myself.

SwedishEdith Thu 24-Apr-14 20:58:16

Maybelline's Hollywood Red is very wearable

JapaneseMargaret Thu 24-Apr-14 20:58:43

The reason I've never got on board with reds is because I haven't had the time to dedicate to finding to the right one for me.

I think the reason the Ruby Woo one has been so popular is because it's flattering to a lot of colourings (crap formula aside).

With red, you really need to find the right shade for you.

coffeeinbed Thu 24-Apr-14 21:00:28

I don't believe about blue and yellow based.
It's very much like the HOC theory which I don't buy either.

Just try as many as you can, start with sheer ones if you're not comfortable and that's that.

I happily wear Nars Gypsy and Flaming Dust and they are very different - one warm the other blue.

MrsMeow Thu 24-Apr-14 21:02:22

That's the one sorry - Collection 2000 deluxe in Silent Movie, I thought it was Rimmel but just checked with DD. The colour looked quite good on me (pale, dark hair, hazel eyes) but I didn't really like the consistency or the way it stained my lips.

Thanks so much for the reccs everyone, I've got a list to look for tomorrow smile coffee - thank you for looking anyway! I'll look instore & see if it's there.

MrsMeow Thu 24-Apr-14 21:04:08

EyelinerQueen are the Volume Sensation ones any creamier would you say?

EyelinerQueen Thu 24-Apr-14 21:08:13

Yes definitely MrsMeow. The Deluxe lippies are quite glossy and a wee bit difficult to apply.

The Volume Sensation ones are a much thicker and creamier consistency smile .

CleanAllOfTheThings Thu 24-Apr-14 21:14:01

Mac Ladybug is a good beginner, it's quite a sheer formula but buildable. There is also a really flattering one by Soap and Glory - Mantrap.

Also agree with the Revlon lip butter, although I prefer red velvet to candy apple.

MrsMeow Thu 24-Apr-14 21:14:18

Ah fab, thank you. i'll have a look tomorrow then. I want the same colour as the Silent Movie one, but just easier to apply. I was thinking if I don't feel brave enough I could blot it a few times and put some gloss on over the top.

Thanks everyone smile and thanks evelynj for the photo tip - good idea!

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