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Anyone rate Paula's choice?

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Bodicea Thu 24-Apr-14 10:31:38

Stumbled on her website whilst looking into a new skin care regime.
She basically slags off most of the products have ever used. Gulp!! Should I take with a pinch of salt? - I look ok for my age so can't be that bad!!

Anyway thought about giving her stuff a go as the reasoning behind it seems sound.

squoosh Thu 24-Apr-14 10:43:08

I know lots of people who rave about her products, especially the AHA and BHA gels. She does slag a lot of people off though!

conquita Thu 24-Apr-14 10:52:20

She slags off most of the products I use and think are wonderful! i.e Eve Lom, Origins - Dr Weil, L'occitaine etc.

dorathedestroyer Thu 24-Apr-14 10:52:35

I'd also love to know the answer to this! She's pretty scathing about most of the recommended by dermatologists French pharmacy products I've been using to keep my rosacea in check. What put me off ordering her own range at once was the hefty price difference between the US and UK pricing. I might give the moisturiser a try, but £165-odd for the full range seems a bit steep, compared with $93 for the same thing on the US site, even with taxes.

(Disclaimer: I am quite mean.)

squoosh Thu 24-Apr-14 10:55:20

I think she sells sample kits on her website.

EyelinerQueen Thu 24-Apr-14 11:00:31

I'd never heard of her so just googled.

I think I'll pass on taking skin care advice from someone whose face appears to be 99% plastic hmm.

Floisme Thu 24-Apr-14 11:11:34

I agree EyelinerQueen, assuming the photos are of Paula herself. There is no over-the-counter skin product that makes you look like this:

fridgepants Thu 24-Apr-14 11:23:02

I have her book, The Beauty Bible (or something). The science in there appears fairly sound and in line with what the skincare consultants I've dealt with via work have said. However, she seems to assume that what is an irritant for some (eg. peppermint oil) will be for everyone, and she appears to have a vendetta against anything packaged in a jar or a non-opaque container.

She's been fairly open about use of surgery:

The thing is, if you want proper advice on skincare which isn't just editorial or a blog gushing over something because the PRs sent the blogger to an event, there's not a lot out there. I'm agnostic about Caroline Hirons, though that might just be my reaction to anything with hype. I feel a little dubious about Paula given she has her own skincare range and therefore has a vested interest in making it look better than what else is out there.

Floisme Thu 24-Apr-14 11:30:53

I'm deeply sceptical about anyone working in the beauty industry. I tend to start from the basis that they're all lying to us. However I didn't read the blog and, if she has been open about cosmetic surgery then I'll cut her some slack. What I really can't stand is when women pretend it's all down to good genes and grandmother's cold cream.

dorathedestroyer Thu 24-Apr-14 11:57:36

I've done her a disservice: it's 'only' £138.85 for the full set that costs $93 in the US. The sample kit is £64.05.

squoosh Thu 24-Apr-14 11:59:53

Out of stock at the moment but there are samples here for £3

dorathedestroyer Thu 24-Apr-14 12:10:11

Ah, missed that, thank you! Will give it a try when it's back in stock.

Tigerlily14 Thu 24-Apr-14 16:25:00

I've always had spotty skin since being a teenager. It was even worse after having kids, had awful cystic acne along my jaw line. I've tried everything over the years and I stumbled across her website in desperation. Got the 2% bha gel, some resist aha lotion and the hydralight moisturiser in November. Now my skin is totally clear, not a single spot anywhere. The difference in my skin is amazing so I'm pretty evangelical about her products now! Obviously everyone's skin is different (and mine totally weird! ) so what works for me might not necessarily work for everyone, and it depends what you are looking for, but I pretty much love her for sorting out my face!

ocelot41 Thu 24-Apr-14 19:28:26

Marking my place - I saw this and thought hmmmm....

Bodicea Thu 24-Apr-14 21:22:49

Thanks for replies. Still not 100% thinking of trying one of the serums and a day cream with SPF and see how I get on from there.

Also might try the other brands she reccomends. There are a few surprises there.

safetyzone Fri 25-Apr-14 23:56:11

I (used to) have spotty skin and love her products. The range for acne skin is great for me. I mix up with other brands she rates, I think the science behind her recs is sound.

Clint88 Sat 26-Apr-14 00:04:26

I wanted the bha gel but thought the website seemed a bit insecure when it came to payment so didn't bother, am I missing a miracle?

cutsnake Sun 27-Apr-14 01:57:42

I've been using Paula's Choice for about 6 months now, and its made a big difference to my red skin (I use the Skin Recovery range). I find the products to be good value, as the sizes are generous and last a long time.

My teenage DD has pimples and was feeling very bad about herself, so I bought her the anti-acne kit, and her skin has cleared up a lot.

I haven't had any problems with payment, and service has always been really good. So I'm a fan. I'm not in the US but I buy from the US site, even with postage I find it works out as better value and the range is better than my local site (Australia).

I think Paula is pretty realistic about what cosmetics can achieve, I recall one review saying that the claims made by the product were like "saying that toothpaste can deliver the same results as root canal work".

Kundry Sun 27-Apr-14 12:16:24

I was recommended Paula's Choice by a friend who raved about it. However she did say never ever to watch one of her videos as she is the most annoying woman on the planet - she wasn't wrong grin

The science holds water (AHA, BHA, retinol, SPF are the basis of most of it) and she is realistic about what can be achieved and doesn't over claim.

I'm using the 2% BHA lotion and it's revolutionised my skin - plus the amount is enormous, even using it twice a day it will last me all year.

The ingredient directory and best lists (on the main US website) are helpful for picking out other cheaper products as well. Obviously she rates all her products as best but she explains why she does and doesn't rate other brands and products. She also makes it plain that your skin doesn't know you've stuck to one brand so why should you.

I'm now just as evangelical as my friend about it.

Clint88 Tue 29-Apr-14 09:41:47

Ooh Kundry can you tell me more about the BHA lotion? How did you choose which one was right for you and what improvements have you seen? Itchy credit card now...

seabream Tue 29-Apr-14 09:46:16

I have cyctic acne, and have used probably every product available including prescription only stuff, I've only stopped short of Accutane as the side effects scare me.
Paula's choice 8% AHA gel is the only thing that has ever worked. Ever. It isn't actually as expensive as Dermalogica, and I think it is better by far.

Kundry Tue 29-Apr-14 20:43:43

Hi Clint88

I think the website recommended a gel texture for oily/combination skin and a lotion for normal/dry skin.

So being an idiot I ordered the lotion by mistake blush

I can't remember why it suggested 2% instead of 1% but any 2% is what I've got.

The first difference was that the oil on my T-zone disappeared. I hadn't really thought I had oily skin until it vanished and I realised how bad it had been!

The second difference was that all the spots across my forehead dried up and I stopped making new ones.

A couple of deep spots that had been around for ages not coming to a head slowly started to disappear.

And then the blackheads on my nose all disappeared and that's it!

A couple of spots suddenly came out as I settled into the new regime but now I don't have any at all. I'm using Cetaphil as a cleanser (Paula's recommendation that cleanser is the least important step so I didn't buy hers smile), could happily go without moisturiser but am using a SPF moisturiser in the day.

All the changes and drying up happened in under a fortnight. If I'd known it was this easy I'd have done it YEARS ago - I've bought loads of face scrubby things and clay masky things over the years as I thought that was how you exfoliated, how wrong could I be? Best exfoliation ever with a gentle cleanser and a lotion.

Clint88 Thu 01-May-14 05:57:32

Ooooooh. Definitely going to buy some now and see what it does for me! That's what I want to happen smile

HowsTheSerenity Tue 15-Jul-14 00:11:31

I know it's an old thread but I hopped on MN this morning to rave about the products.
I've been using a variety (bha, vit c, a serum) of products for two weeks and my skin has never looked better. This all while on fertility drugs.
I buy from the USA site (I'm in Australia too) and it's cheaper then some similar products here.

violetbunny Tue 15-Jul-14 09:10:44

Love Paula's Choice. I swear by the BHA lotions and moisturisers with SPF30 (she does a great one for my oily skin).

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