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Silver gladiator sandals

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EasterSundaySimmons Wed 23-Apr-14 23:39:50

I could kick myself for not buying the Whistles ones, but when I first saw them there wasn't even a hint of sunshine. Now they are sold out everywhere.

I have found these in TopShop which are slightly similar

They are a lot cheaper so if I don't get a lot of wear out of them, it won't matter.

My daughter thinks I will look stupid.

For some weird reason I really fancy a pair of silver sandals!

I will look an old fool, won't i? sad

Forgettable Wed 23-Apr-14 23:48:35

No ye won't

I want some o' them wing'd old greek sandals

like these

yesyestisme Wed 23-Apr-14 23:56:37

I would agree with your daughter, those sandals are really ugly.

The winged sandals though are fab!!

PeacesOfAte Thu 24-Apr-14 00:13:26

Dear god, those Topshop ones are awful!

EasterSundaySimmons Thu 24-Apr-14 06:12:47


I like the winged ones but want something more like these...

EasterSundaySimmons Thu 24-Apr-14 06:14:21


EasterSundaySimmons Thu 24-Apr-14 06:15:29


EasterSundaySimmons Thu 24-Apr-14 06:17:15


EasterSundaySimmons Thu 24-Apr-14 08:59:19

Anyone seen or bought silver sandals?

Not fit flops, I've got loads of them. I don't want slip ons.

CuntyBunty Thu 24-Apr-14 09:37:13

I like all chunky type wedge shoes. My taste in shoes is what most of MN would call "fugly", but I do like your silver sandals and may be getting a pair. Thanks, OP. They are no where near as bad as those Salt Water monstrosities.

Lottapianos Thu 24-Apr-14 09:37:24

The Topshop ones are wicked OP. Go for it if you like them

mirpuppet Thu 24-Apr-14 09:44:13

Why not just get classic fugly shoes?

MargotLovedTom Thu 24-Apr-14 09:45:54

I quite like the Asos silver ones with the white sole, but tbh all the chunky ones remind me of orthopaedic type sandals my nana would've worn, but in silver to look a bit 'jazzy' wink.

EasterSundaySimmons Fri 25-Apr-14 10:25:57

Jazzy. Or as my dad would say, 'snazzy'.

I have bought numerous Birkenstocks over the years and they are all very uncomfortable and I develop a toe scrunching walk, so I've stopped buying them.

I think I will shop around a bit more or I might contemplate finding a black pair and adding silver leather paint to them. I've painted a leather bag before with great results, so I can't see why I can't do it with sandals and the effect may be more matte, so might be more subtle.

EasterSundaySimmons Fri 25-Apr-14 10:37:37

My daughter is saying a big NO to my wearing silver sandals. Ha ha

Might get these in black and paint them!

thefirstmrsrochester Fri 25-Apr-14 10:42:10

I'm saving up for the Ancient Greek winged ones, can't decide on silver [[]]4 or rose gold

Ancient Greek do these babies which look similar to the whistles ones?

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