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Low Maintenance Bob or Similar

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thepurplepenguin Sat 26-Apr-14 16:23:23

Haha, yep, thought you might say that!

Glad you love it grin

PastaandCheese Sat 26-Apr-14 16:05:21

Oh I'm ashamed to say................

You know what I'm going to say.........

A graduated bob with no fringe BUT I absolutely love it. Dare I say it suits me?

thepurplepenguin Sat 26-Apr-14 15:04:14

What did you go for OP?

BathildaBagshot Sat 26-Apr-14 14:56:02

I've just had mine in a bob between chin and shoulders and tend to scrunch it dry so it's wavy-ish and then add a few quick curls with tongs to make it look 'done' but casual. Takes about 15 mins now I've got the hang of it. smile

PastaandCheese Fri 25-Apr-14 03:17:24

Thanks for the tip. I shall give that a go.

I asked DH and first he suggested i ask a specific friend before going on about how pretty and stylish she is <huffs> and then said 'I always liked it with the longest bit at the front'.

It's a graduated bob conspiracy.

thepurplepenguin Thu 24-Apr-14 17:49:11

Don't tell them to do what they think, you'll end up with a graduated bob! <years of bitter experience>

thepurplepenguin Thu 24-Apr-14 17:48:09

If you have a side fringe you need to blow dry in the 'wrong' direction until it's 90% dry and only then do you blow dry to the correct side. This should keep it in the right place and give it volume. My hair is quite fine too, although there's heaps of it...

PastaandCheese Thu 24-Apr-14 17:45:09

Very tempted by that thepurplepenguin. I would like a fringe that isn't a fringe iyswim? I had a whispy fringe years ago and liked it but it used to get flatter and flatter as the day went as my hair is very fine.

laqueen your hair sounds lovely (I did google!) but I am concerned about how a shorter than chin length style would suit my face shape.

I would just tell the hairdresser to do what they think but they never seem very willing to say what they think.

thepurplepenguin Thu 24-Apr-14 17:26:35

The Karlie Kloss one, I mean...

LaQueenOfTheSpring Thu 24-Apr-14 17:26:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thepurplepenguin Thu 24-Apr-14 17:25:29

Yup, that was one of the photos I took with me!

Mine is very slightly shorter I think. I like it this length as it doesn't do flicky outy weird things when I blow dry it.

Babyliss big hair v good for styling chin length bobs...

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 24-Apr-14 17:23:13

I love 20 and 31 on there ( Ashley Simpson and Kiera Knightly) but
Oi Zelda from "Shake It Up" .."What were you thinking , girl" confused

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 24-Apr-14 17:18:29

I had my hair in variations of a bob for a few years -
I used to have it cut to just shoulder level. all one length. Then I had a wispy fringe about 6 months ago.
I had a graduated bob ages ago but it felt weird when I had my head forward and in windy weather I looked a tad "Flock of Seagulls" blush

You might find a bob a pain at the moment if you need to use straighteners though. Hair changes load during and after pg (though my hair got thicker and didn't fall out which is nice)

I had layers and a thicker fringe cut in , but I have wavy hair so it didn't sit right and I didn't like the feeling of the shorter bits round my face's gone .
Cropped (short sides/back and longer top layers) not a pixie , longer than that.


PastaandCheese Thu 24-Apr-14 17:18:01

Like this thepurplepenguin?!fullscreen&slide=12379

Like the idea of a side fringe.

Booked for tomorrow afternoon..... Eek!

thepurplepenguin Thu 24-Apr-14 17:00:18

I've just had my hair cut into a blunt chin length bob with a few long layers and a sweepy side fringe. Had some highlights and lowlights put through it to stop it looking drab. I LOVE it. It's so bouncy and v easy with a round brush. I had to work very hard to convince them not to do a graduated bob though...

PastaandCheese Thu 24-Apr-14 11:38:30

I wish I could pull off short eggy but I think my face is a bit too round for a short cut.

My experience of long hair and newborns is it just gets tied up. I found last time that by the time I could blow dry long hair DD was in the hair pulling phase hmm

I'm managing to go two days between washes now for the first time since I was a teen so I'm hoping that will help a bit with the washing and drying.

eggybrokenoff Thu 24-Apr-14 06:57:52

watching with interest cos kind of in reverse position. have had varoious types of bob forever. but finding cost means I am going ages between cuts and look a mess. dc 3 due in a few weeks so prob wont have time for wash and dry in am. wondering whether to go longer (but know big chunks will fall out in a few months) or get a good short cut and try ans find a way to style dry in morning. I do love the look of a short shiny bob on my v fine limp hair

PastaandCheese Wed 23-Apr-14 21:22:32

Been half heatedly growing my hair but I'm finding I am jus clipping it up everyday which isn't a great look for me.

I've been looking back over old photos and my hair looked nice when I had a graduated bob so I think I'd like it chin length again.

I have a 6 week old newborn and a 2 year old so time to style my hair is often really limited. Does anyone have any ideas on low maintenance chin length hairstyles? I'm rubbish with a round brush but ok with straighteners.......

Thank you.

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