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Clothes shops for big boobs and tummy

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Bodicea Wed 23-Apr-14 17:13:52

6 months post baby I am still a stone heavier than prepregancy weight. Was a size 10 with a small frame but top heavy 30e. And 5 foot 2. Now even more top Heavy with all my weight on boobs and tummy 32/34 e/f. I really don't wear the extra stone well due to my height and look dumpy. Back from another unsuccesfull shopping trip. Can't find anything to fit.
Don't know what to wear anymore, I can't just go up a size or two as my frame is still small and stuff swamps me and gapes at my back but can't wear size 10 anymore due to all the lumps and bumps and massive boobs.
Still breast feed a bit.

Does anyone else have this issue? Where on earth do you shop? Clothes all seem be made or people with no boobs. I had this Issue before bit have it tenfold now

I had a similar thread the other day, about feeling horribly top-heavy. Am also 5'2 and a 32E.

Things that work for me -

v plain scoop neck t-shirts, with a biker jacket or blazer on top
Hobbs Simone tops - these have a cowl neck

I buy blazers and bikers to fit my back, rather than my front, so they are pretty fitted - I never fasten them, so it doesn't matter if they'd be a bit tight over the boobs if I did.

ElizabethJennings Wed 23-Apr-14 17:52:57


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