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I bought some new balance trainers today

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bishboschone Wed 23-Apr-14 16:41:36

Very excited as my feet hurt so much in converse or superga despite me loving them .. I got the plain blue low profile ones as I'm short .. looking forward to comfy mumfy feets smile

bettykt Wed 23-Apr-14 19:18:09

Yeaaay, they are really comfy, I bought some plain grey ones the other week and have worn them nearly every day but now wished I'd bought the grey and orange suede ones instead. May have to purchase them in the future.

bishboschone Wed 23-Apr-14 20:16:20

Are you tall ? thet don't do me any favours really but my feet are high needs!

bettykt Wed 23-Apr-14 20:22:20

I'm not tall I'm just over 5" They don't look too long on me, I bought my actual size and didn't size up even though the SA advised me too. So far I've only worn them with skinny and straight jeans and they're a bit like wearing slippers, comfort wise.

cece Wed 23-Apr-14 20:25:18

I bought some new balance running shoes today - it feels like I am walking on air. Not tried running in them yet.

whitewitchofnarnia Wed 23-Apr-14 20:58:43

How much wear they , allthough I would have to not get grey as dp has them and matching would not be a good look

bishboschone Wed 23-Apr-14 21:14:09

£55 in shcuh ..

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