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Is this right I had my colours done at HoC

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shinybaubles Wed 23-Apr-14 15:46:09

and I am a sultry winter. I have dark brown hair, and eyes, and can range from a pale oliveish colour, to quite tanned. Similar to Kim Kardashian, Teri Hatcher, Salma Hayek in terms of colouring. Does that sound right, also does this mean I need to stay away from all of my bronzey, neutral make up? How does this apply to nails?

Hopefully Wed 23-Apr-14 19:01:43

Sounds perfectly feasible smile. Were you comfortable that the analysis was right?

And yes, bronzey colours probably won't be your finest as a Winter, but you don't need to go for something unnatural looking if you don't want to.

shinybaubles Wed 23-Apr-14 19:41:46

Hi Hopefully , thanks for replying, I had thought that what you might consider autumnal colours would suit me so like browns, beiges, terracota, etc, so was a bit shocked. The colours she draped me in did look really good it just feels like such a departure from me. I think the change it make up will be the biggest hurdle.

pinkflaming0 Wed 23-Apr-14 20:01:49

I have the same colouring as you but with murky green eyes. I was diagnosed as a winter years ago and was never entirely comfortable with it. But, I was re-done a couple of months ago and told I was a burnished winter which means the deeper and more muted colours are my best and I can SO see it now. I didn't have the swatches before but carry them everywhere with me now.

I especially love HoC's burgundy lipstick which is a deep pinky plum shade. Had gelish nails done today (fingers and toes) in a similar colour and am loving them.

Pop over to the HoC winters thread for ideas and inspiration and to ask questions.

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