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Kimono jackets - can't figure out if they're trendy or frumpy!

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MrsMeow Wed 23-Apr-14 10:34:26

I've bought one for a night out on Saturday, was planning to wear with black skinnies, black vest top and high heels. It's black with red flowers on and looked fab in my head wink when I tried it on at home though, I couldn't work out if it looked ok, or was a bit frumpy.

I've seen them on other people and they look lovely, but I just can't get past the old lady 'blouse' thing, I think thats the problem. Any ideas how I can make my outfit look less old?

this is the one I bought, however it looks much better in real life (honestly!)

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Wed 23-Apr-14 10:35:36

It's pretty. I think as long as the rest of your outfit is form fitting and glam enough it will not look frumpy.

MrsMeow Wed 23-Apr-14 10:41:39

Thanks Ehric smile The rest is really plain and I was planning on just wearing some silver jewellery and a sliver & black leather pandora bracelet with it, and obviously a face full of slap haha!

I think it's the flowery thing that's holding me back, I don't wear much print usually.

RunnerBeen Wed 23-Apr-14 10:44:39

i think it's lovely

maybe add something a bit edgy to offset the florals?

those high heels with studs onthem or a studded belt?

letsgetfreshbaby Wed 23-Apr-14 10:57:26

Ok, if you don�t feel great at home your unlikely to feel great out imho.

Have you tried it on with a belt - might work

Stokey Wed 23-Apr-14 11:01:11

One of the fashion bloggers was trying them the other day - I was surprised by how good they looked.
Some good ideas of how to wear it here

BelindaAllWorkedOut Wed 23-Apr-14 11:08:00

I think they are really tricky - the wrong shape and they can look like a dressing gown, and a long one can swamp a small frame. When they are right, thought, they look fantastic.

I'm looking at kimonos and also beaded jackets, but think it will take time to get find the right one. A friend just bought a beautiful silk one from Jigsaw.

MrsMeow Wed 23-Apr-14 11:16:59

I LOVE that blog Stokey, thank you! Really like the red New Look kimono as well.

RunnerBeen - fab idea, thank you. I have a studded belt so will try it with that as letsgetfresh suggests. Haven't really got time to buy new shoes now but DD has a few statement necklaces, I might try it with one of those and I have a spiky bracelet I could try as well. Letsgetfresh, I agree and have made that mistake before! I do feel good in the outfit though, I've recently lost 2 stone and feel like the jacket pulls me in a bit and makes me look slightly more slimmer. My friend is coming round tomorrow so will ask her what she thinks, I'm always way too critical of how I look!

Belinda, I agree! I saw a woman in a lovely fringed one the other day, she looked amazing, but when I tried the same one on I looked horrendous!

I'm planning on wearing this one over my plain black jersey maxi dress in the summer, makes a change from a cardi smile

Thanks everyone!

letsgetfreshbaby Wed 23-Apr-14 11:46:52

Mrs Meow

I have exactly the same problem - only really just learning what I actually look like.

Would definately try a belt, particularly if you have lost some weight recently and want to accentuate that - well done by the way.

Deathraystare Wed 23-Apr-14 11:53:29

Some of the black floral ones look a bit much I think. A lighter pattern would be better I think????

MrsMeow Wed 23-Apr-14 12:19:58

letsgetfresh - thank you smile I find that I'm still dressing for my old shape and trying to cover up, hence why I feel a bit out of my comfort zone!

Deathraystare, I've seen a lovely black and white one somewhere but can't remember where! I have to be careful though as pastels and creams etc. really don't suit me, darker and bold colours look much better.

floofyapogo Wed 23-Apr-14 12:28:26

That blog is great - I've just made a list of stuff! I usually get really irritated by them, but she seems so normal and likes a bargain wink . . . off to get a kimono, slouchy jeans, white sandals . . .

letsgetfreshbaby Wed 23-Apr-14 12:32:36

Oh god I know that feeling - been doing it for a long time. Ok, do you have a really honest friend or family member?

My Sil is simply gorgeous, but she is also incredibly honest and she has been know to walk past with going "nope, right lets find something else. your hiding again" and start pulling open my wardrobe, and just making me change. She manages (somehow) to do it in a way that doesn�t make me feel like crap and she is always right!

I also have developed the habbit of shopping in particular shops and actually asking the women that work there is I look good in something, or sometimes just random strangers.

I would like to tell you that it takes time, but not in my case! Its like I�ve had to relearn how to get dressed. I still get it wrong sometimes but I think I finally winning

I think that people with a bit of height can pull this off. I dont think someone of my shapes (fat apple) can wear it.

But I dont think it looks frumpy!

Floisme Wed 23-Apr-14 12:44:22

I've tried one that looked really pretty on the hangar but wasn't good on me. I think it was because it finished at the widest point of my thighs so made my legs (which aren't actually that bad) look like tree trunks. Tunics always did the same thing. I agree with others that a belt might work.

BelindaAllWorkedOut Wed 23-Apr-14 13:02:42

Susie SoSo's blog is great - not only is she normal, but she buys carefully, so if you read her posts, you'll see why she sends returns things. I've found it really educational for me eg I now look at how stripes line up at the sides etc.

Algorta Wed 23-Apr-14 13:06:29

Lovely, but I never get the practicalities of this kind of thing. Eg, if you wear it on a slightly chilly day, what would you wear on top of it? And if the day were warm enough to just wear the kimono, wouldn't you end up wishing you hadn't worn a sweaty billowing sheet of polyester over your tee?

CointreauVersial Wed 23-Apr-14 13:18:11

Algorta - I just bought this "kimono cardigan" from Warehouse, which I absolutely fell in love with.

I particularly like the fact that it's a fine knit, and not polyester, so it feels nice to wear and adds a little bit of warmth, while still being kimono style.

It has quite a bit of blue on it, so goes nicely with jeans.

My DDs (12 and 10) absolutely hate it, though, and make gagging sounds when I wear it (hey, what do they know?).

Algorta Wed 23-Apr-14 15:50:51

Now that's more like it CointreauVersial. Shall pop along to local Warehouse to size it up. Thanks!

Nocomet Wed 23-Apr-14 16:05:54

That's fun, but DD2(13) wouldn't let me out the house sad

MrsMeow Wed 23-Apr-14 16:20:01

thanks everyone for your help. I agree with the blog, the normalness of it is what attracted me I think!

Cointreau I love yours, it looks like it would hang nicely? Algorta, I'm wearing mine on a night out so not fussed about being too hot/cold but I must admit when I bought it I was thinking of wearing it in the summer too, but over my maxi dresses. I'll only get my arms out when hell freezes over so this will be cooler on me than the jersey cardigan/denim jacket I usually wear with them!

I must admit I had the same thought about knitted vest tops though grin if it's warm enough for a vest top, surely its too warm for a knitted one?!

MakeTeaNotWar Wed 23-Apr-14 17:21:20

I have this kimono top & am wearing it right now! With coral coloured cropped Bistros from Boden, an ivory top & chunky black beads - I think it all looks good together!

MizK Wed 23-Apr-14 17:32:20

I just bought one today, sort of a washed out pink with a bird print and fringing. I have tried it one with skinny grey jeans, a white vest and wedges and that shall now be my outfit on Friday evening! it also looks nice with slim trousers and v simple strappy heeled sandals (they sound so dated but I love them, my black ones from New Look are incredibly flattering and comfortable despite height of heel!)
OP your kimono jacket
sounds lovely!

BloodFlower Wed 23-Apr-14 19:37:58

I love them. Does anyone have an idea of where has the best selection?

MrsMeow Wed 23-Apr-14 20:27:26

MakeTeaNotWar - the one I linked to? Isn't it lovely and so much nicer in real life? smile Your outfit sounds fab, I love coral.

MizK your outfit sounds lovely too. The colours wouldn't suit me but I love grey jeans and bet it looks great. Where did you get yours from?

BloodFlower I've seen them all over to be honest. River Island and Oasis have some nice ones, as do ASOS.

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