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Where to buy properly fitting bikinis for 32G boobs?

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Lottapianos Tue 22-Apr-14 13:35:30

I've had a look on the Bravissimo website and they have some quite nice ones but all are �30 - 35 just for the tops. Can anyone recommend an alternative that might be a bit cheaper?

And can anyone understand why in the name of sanity most shops sell bikini tops using dress sizes e.g. 8, 10, 12, 14? <screams>

Thanks smile

beccajoh Tue 22-Apr-14 13:39:03

I got one from Figleaves own brand stuff last summer - I'm 30G - and it was fine. Can't remember, can't remember how much it was now but not as much as Bravissimo.

beccajoh Tue 22-Apr-14 13:42:10

Just looked and they're £28, but if you sign up for their mailing list you usually get a 10% off code. Every bit helps!

HazleNutt Tue 22-Apr-14 15:03:20

try ebay, you get previous seasons models of the same brands bravissimo sells, and loads cheaper

goodasitgets Tue 22-Apr-14 16:21:19

There's usually quite a few on amazon, curvy kate and panache ones smile

Lottapianos Tue 22-Apr-14 16:36:28

EBay! Great idea! May look at Figleaves too. Thanks both

Itscurtainsforyou Tue 22-Apr-14 17:55:10

Also sell the brands you can get from bravissimo for much less.

tshirtsuntan Tue 22-Apr-14 17:59:57

Tesco online do the curvy Kate ones, often in the sale.

ceeveebee Tue 22-Apr-14 18:02:31

Mycurvesandme have a sale on ATM, there are some real bargains on there

Horispondle Tue 22-Apr-14 18:14:08

I'm a 32E and I always get mine from M&S. I wear a 12 normally but will buy a 16/18 halter top with tie neck and tie back so that I can get the coverage but tie the straps up tight to get the support I need. If you're going for dress sizes rather than bra sizes make sure the back is adjustable!

lazypepper Tue 22-Apr-14 18:15:10

Kelly Brook range from New Look?

I am a 32E - and got a lovely bikini from there last summer.

Lottapianos Tue 22-Apr-14 20:18:20

I got two bikini tops for a total of £25 quid on eBay just now. Will wait til they turn up and then choose separate bottoms to match. Bargain tastic! Thanks smile

singaporeswing Wed 23-Apr-14 05:26:26

ASOS has a lot of Freya etc in their sale. Worth a look.

Melinda76 Wed 23-Apr-14 07:55:43

Thanks for the mycurvesandme recommendation, I just ordered 3 bikinis from their sale. Fingers crossed they fit when they arrive smile

DavenotChas Wed 23-Apr-14 12:51:49

Another one saying thanks for the curvesandme recommendation. You can get 20% off with the code april20 too grin

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