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I was so so close to telling the sales assitant on the EL counter that her makeup looked shit today

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ggirl Mon 21-Apr-14 19:12:57

went to get a sample of DW light
she proceeded to match me for correct shade

didn't take her cotton pad soaked in makeup remover to my jawline but to the center of my

I stopped her and she then carried on right below cheek bone hmm

Now I don't have that much makeup on ..but still ..she'd just wiped off whatever i had on

then she said they'd run out of samples..

I sooo wanted to point out her mahooosive orange tide mark.!!

Dukketeater Mon 21-Apr-14 19:19:37

She probably thought you looked like shit too....

WhileWeSleep Mon 21-Apr-14 19:30:45

Why be catty about it? hmm

Maybe telling her that she had a foundation line but nicely?

However telling her that her makeup looks shit? Makes you sound like a right bitch.

PlantsAndFlowers Mon 21-Apr-14 19:31:24

WTF is it with beauty counter womens' make up? They so often look shocking. If I were head office I would do spot checks. Surely they get sent on training, does no one in the company give them feedback? What is going on?!

PlantsAndFlowers Mon 21-Apr-14 19:32:12

They do often look shit though. That's not catty, it's factual.

HarrietSchulenberg Mon 21-Apr-14 19:34:03

I got some fabulous advice from a Boots No 7 make up counter lady once. She went into detail about my skintone and how to match make up. I ended up buying twice what I would have done (which, to be fair, wasn't much in the first place).

Only downside was that she had an orange mask line. I did wonder if she took her own advice or just got made up in the dark.

17leftfeet Mon 21-Apr-14 19:38:22

I worked on a make up counter in debenhams when I was a student and we were told to apply it like stage makeup due to the lights

I very rarely wear makeup now and I only lasted a month grin

Dukketeater Mon 21-Apr-14 19:38:27

How it looks in their home vs how it looks in department store lighting is different... Stop being a bitch

nancy75 Mon 21-Apr-14 19:41:17

Most of them are told they have to wear a minimum number of products, they probably wouldn't go out looking like it

ggirl Mon 21-Apr-14 19:43:07

well a lot of them look like they put their face on in a darkened room

some of them look great..I find BB and clinique girls look good

ggirl Mon 21-Apr-14 19:44:03

but they should know how to put it on properly and not make basic mistakes like tide marks

PlantsAndFlowers Mon 21-Apr-14 19:45:02

But it's often so badly applied. I really don't get it, it's their job! And re how it looks in their home being different - only if they got made up in the dark.

RhondaJean Mon 21-Apr-14 19:47:39

Its perhaps worded a bit differently but I do find a lot of makeup counter staff are not exactly great adverts for their products.

GlaikitFizzEgg Mon 21-Apr-14 19:51:34

The urban decay lady startled me the other day. He face was immaculately applied but she looked like a cross between an auditionee for Cats and a drag queen! I just bought my eyeliner and ran!

EasterSundaySimmons Mon 21-Apr-14 20:07:37

I find the ladies that woke for benefit and clinique to be amongst the worst orange foundation offenders.

They are working under artificial light and perhaps feel that they need to sport day glo orange to stop them looking washed out.

I must admit that I've been guilty of looking a bit dark by wearing too deep a colour foundation and that's why I now put on my foundation in day light using my car mirror. It's perfect and I look much more natural.

I am not catty to women at make up counters but I will state that I don't want too look orange or I will say things like, "that eye liner is very strong and I can understand that you want a strong look to emphasise the product, but I'm looking for something more muted".

Clinique are the worst offenders, they try and push the exact opposite of what I want.

"Hello, I'm looking for a pink lipstick."

Clinique woman, "hello! have you seen our latest orange lipsticks?"

"Yes, but I'm looking for a pink lipstick".

"We have orange lip gloss as well as orange lipstick".

"I don't want a lip gloss or anything orange, thank you."

She proceeds to pick up an orange lipstick and daub it on her hand and trills at how lovely it is.

I just pick up a selection of pink lipsticks, buy them and go.

So annoying that they do not listen to their customers.

RhondaJean Mon 21-Apr-14 20:23:09

I use a lot of Clinique, but I've never taken advice on their makeup from their staff, they do not have the same look I want to achieve.

The Dior girls in house of Fraser looked good mind you.

Cocolepew Mon 21-Apr-14 20:28:23

But even though they are under harsh lights they still look like clowns.

ggirl Mon 21-Apr-14 20:33:29

I had a sa put a full face of makeup on me a few weeks ago ..what a disaster.
It was armani maestro foundation which she painted on . Her makeup was lovely which is why I trusted her..big mistake.
When I went outside i looked like a clown...dd was pissing herself laughing.

AntoinetteCosway Mon 21-Apr-14 20:37:35

I have been told by people in the industry that one of the downsides of working on a counter for EL is that you have to wear not only the products dictated by head office, but the colours. So, for example, all caucasians must wear Double Wear in 03 (made that up). Don't know if it's still true mind you.

PlantsAndFlowers Mon 21-Apr-14 20:39:19

The only time I've had makeup applied by those ladies and it didn't look laughably bad was at Bobbi Brown.

PlantsAndFlowers Mon 21-Apr-14 20:40:40

And Trish McEvoy

Fairylea Mon 21-Apr-14 21:06:50

I worked for clinique for 15 years. We had a specified list of make up we had to apply everyday and if they had a new range out we had to wear it whether it suited us or not!

I started on the job wearing hardly any make up and used to get lots of compliments on my area manager said I had to wear lots more !

Lettucesnow Mon 21-Apr-14 21:07:48

Had a 'wedding mum of the bride' done a couple of years ago in Debenhams. My dd and I ran to the loos pissing ourselves! We looked like we'd been to the Crayola stall. grin

Lettucesnow Mon 21-Apr-14 21:08:19

Had a 'wedding mum of the bride' done a couple of years ago in Debenhams. My dd and I ran to the loos pissing ourselves! We looked like we'd been to the Crayola stall. grin

Lettucesnow Mon 21-Apr-14 21:08:19

Had a 'wedding mum of the bride' done a couple of years ago in Debenhams. My dd and I ran to the loos pissing ourselves! We looked like we'd been to the Crayola stall. grin

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