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Just want to recommend Bourjois 123 cc cream

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Birdies Thu 17-Apr-14 21:18:34

I think it's been mentioned a few times but I'm so pleased with it that I felt compelled to start a thread on it! It was recommended by Lisa Eldridge I think. Makes me look fresh and awake all day and is lovely to apply.

In case this helps you decide whether to try it or not - I hated the
Boots Botanics cream (darkest colour made me look like someone had chucked a bag of wet flour on me, and I'm fair-ish skinned) and I never got on with the Bourjois Healthy Mix stuff (someone actually said I looked tired the day I first wore this as well). I have combination skin.

Anyone else like it as much as I do?

Cocolepew Thu 17-Apr-14 21:29:27

Is there different shades? I'm pale myself but use a slightly darker than my skin tone so I don't look so dead.

I hated the Healthy Mix, it made me look like I'd just been dug up.

Birdies Thu 17-Apr-14 21:45:39

I think there are 3 or 4 shades but I can't quite remember. If you hated healthy mix then it's worth trying! I'm about to throw my healthy mix stuff out - I bought both the normal one and the serum. Both made me look worse than I did without it.

Links in case of use:

And to Lisa Eldridge video

dorathedestroyer Thu 17-Apr-14 22:49:03

YY! it's brilliant. It covers my rosacea and doesn't seem to irritate my skin, so it's a winner for me. I use the palest colour, and it makes me look polished and awake, and not particularly 'made-up'.

Maisie0 Fri 18-Apr-14 01:07:07

I just saw that video too!

Hm, I've also just found the Lisa Eldridge link too. I realised that after the "tinted moisturiser" phenomena, there is a whole new world in the make up arena. I didn't know the existence of CC or BB creams. They seem so to be so much more luxurious in texture, formulation and everything else than I thought.

Thanks for the intro. Maybe I will move on from the Laura Mercier tainted foundation and consider these CC or BB creams.

Birdies Fri 18-Apr-14 07:50:11

Agree dora it feels really light but still covers well I think.

maisie give it a try. I haven't tried any Laura Mercier stuff so can't compare but im so happy with it I'm chucking all the other stuff I do have (lots!) out!

CecEasterHall Fri 18-Apr-14 07:57:02

It's not for me, doesn't cover anything on my skin and feels greasy and makes me so oily!

Cocolepew Fri 18-Apr-14 09:04:05

Thanks, I'll l look out for it.

dorathedestroyer Fri 18-Apr-14 11:08:42

I didn't realise how good the pigments in it were until i applied it over some Clinique Redness Solutions green correcting cream, and with the double green-ness, I looked like I was about to go on stage in Wicked.

I put it on with the Real Techniques face brush, but it sinks in fine with just fingers. And it's less than a tenner (I think).

Cheesymonster Fri 18-Apr-14 12:12:31

Can anyone please explain the difference between BB and CC creams? I'm currently using Botanics BB cream.

Cocolepew Tue 22-Apr-14 13:43:15

I bought this the other day after this thread, I really liketit . I have an age spot on my jawline that it completely covered.
I got the palest and it's good because it's yellow undertones , rather than pink. I gave very pale skin with sallow tones.

Birdies Tue 22-Apr-14 13:53:37

Ah good glad you like it!

cheesy I'm not too sure of the difference but cc stands for colour correcting. I don't think it has any skincare benefits apart from an SPF whereas I think bb ones do. I don't think it matters if you wear a moisturiser anyway.

PisforPeter Tue 19-May-15 23:09:22

It's awesome & 3 for 2 en ce moment!!

PisforPeter Tue 19-May-15 23:13:32

In Boots!!

yazzy85 Wed 20-May-15 00:09:29

I love it too! Recently tried it from it being mentioned on another thread. Applied with the real techniques stippling brush my oily/combination skin looks airbrushed. Its even lighter feeling than the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser I was using.

SadLesley Wed 20-May-15 08:40:40

Thick question - do you wear foundation on top of this?

RoyCroppersCricketBat Wed 20-May-15 08:47:08

Sad no, it is a foundation smile

SadLesley Wed 20-May-15 09:33:47

Ah thank you Roy - will have to give this a try

birkiekid Wed 20-May-15 10:42:34

I love it too. I have slight redness on my nose and cheeks and it covers it nicely without having to use concealer or anything else. It just makes my skin look even toned and smooth without looking overly made up.

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