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Can you help me find a good biggish every day cross body bag please?

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Snappyteabread Tue 15-Apr-14 21:58:00

Looking for a nice every day bag, big enough to take the usual stuff, but also with room for some wipes, muslin and toy if out with the kids. And a book and diary etc.

This is the kind of thing I'm after but this would be a major splurge for me.

Any suggestions?

Requirements are as follows;
must have a zip fastening, not just a button as I always worry stuff will fall out.
Must have a decent cross body strap, ie thick enough that when the bag has a fair bit of stuff in it, it won't dig into your shoulder.
Looking for leather ideally. But would also consider cheaper alternatives.
Probably brown or a dark neutral (I love the blue Fossil one but I think in the long run, brown is more practical) definitely not black.
Don't want lots of the usual gold and silver buckles and tassels etc.
don't want a big logo on the front. I hate "names" being on show
Budget anywhere up to £200 (only because that's the price of the Fossil one. Until now I've only ever spent around £40 on a bag)

Hoping you can find something. Everything I've seen is too handbaggy and blingy. Hate that!! I've always refused to call my bag a "handbag". I want a bag. A handbag to me, is something my Mum had when I was little!

Let the search commence!!

Ps I've realised I'm very fussy so thanks in advance for any responses that I rule out!

magichandles Tue 15-Apr-14 22:00:25

Following, because I have been trying to find exactly the same for about 6 months now!

Bluestocking Tue 15-Apr-14 22:05:59

That Fossil bag is lovely. One of my friends has had the smaller version (Explorer?) for well over a year and uses it every day, and it still looks great, so although it's a splurge it would probably be a good investment. I love the Espresso colour and am tempted myself!

Sorry, been searching for similar for months <blatantly marks spot>

sonlypuppyfat Tue 15-Apr-14 22:09:29

Kipling bags are fab really strong but very light.

ilovepowerhoop Tue 15-Apr-14 22:14:29

I have just ordered a Kipling bag from Amazon which get good reviews. They are not leather but seem to be durable and come in lots of colours

ilovepowerhoop Tue 15-Apr-14 22:14:45


PigeonPie Tue 15-Apr-14 22:18:55

Probably too late, but I'd go for a Health Back Bag.

Can be used across or just on one shoulder and designed to put loads of stuff in without damaging your back.

Snappyteabread Tue 15-Apr-14 22:21:53

Thanks for the suggestion, but looking for something a bit smarter. For ages I've looked like a student so trying to be a bit smarter.

PigeonPie Tue 15-Apr-14 22:25:46

Sorry, thought that the leather ones might suit.

BikeRunSki Tue 15-Apr-14 22:29:42

I am looking for sometyhibg similar, and I am considering this one from White Stuff.

White Stuff Cruz Bag

Snappyteabread Tue 15-Apr-14 22:40:06

PigeonPie - hadn't realised there was leather too. However I think they look like tennis bags. Very practical, but not quite what I'm after.

I had one of those healthy back bags years ago, but hardly used it, I like bags by my side rather than on my back, and found it too vertical, you had to take stuff out to get to the things at the bottom.

Snappyteabread Tue 15-Apr-14 23:02:06

Bikerunski - thanks for the White Stuff suggestion. Checking out their bags.
This one is nice
However it looks like the strap is quite thin.

BillyBanter Tue 15-Apr-14 23:05:47

Can you put a photo in a post as the page isn't loading the actual picture for me.

ProcessYellowC Tue 15-Apr-14 23:07:06

Do you have a local TK Maxx? Usually pretty good for bags, you just have to be a bit dedicated and try at least a couple of visits until you find what you want...

Snappyteabread Tue 15-Apr-14 23:11:39

Processyellowc - yes I thought I might strike lucky in TK Maxx. Have visited 2 recently but nothing there. Actually there were a few nice men's ones, but they were really a bit too big or just a bit too functional looking.

Snappyteabread Tue 15-Apr-14 23:21:09

Going to check out Kipling bags now....

Pannacotta Tue 15-Apr-14 23:21:49

How about this one from Fossil which is similar but a bit smaller, cheaper and perhaps smarter without the fold-over bit? it also has a shoulder strap so you can use it either way.

I was looking for a cross body bag and bought a lovely one from White Stuff in the end (Fossil too pricey) but the strap is too thin so have ended up just using the shoulder strap.

Fossil is pretty much the only brand with thick comfy straps I think.

Pannacotta Tue 15-Apr-14 23:23:01

Sorry just realised it doesn't have a zip fastening on the main section so that probably rules that one out.

Snappyteabread Tue 15-Apr-14 23:29:29

Panacotta - yes I wanted that one, but button fastening was the problem. I hate that - you see a bag you love, only to find it has the wrong fastening. So frustrating.

Maisie0 Tue 15-Apr-14 23:46:51

Are you guys after a baby bag ?

Okay, these are some of the ones I have seen that were leather, which I also almost bought but decided to pull out last minute. Am still pondering over this. Please do not scream (if you do happen to like it). smile

I also personally love this site too. It covers a lot of small labels which you find in Europe. I like Liebeskind. Which is mostly made from leather.

TheFarSide Tue 15-Apr-14 23:54:34

I've got something very similar in soft brown leather made by Maurizio Taiuti but try as I might I've not been able to find anything as good. I got it from T K Maxx and have had it for several years. It's looking a bit battered now and I'm slightly traumatised at the idea that it won't last forever. The Fossil one you linked to is about the best I've seen in a long time - I would just go for it if I were you.

Pannacotta Wed 16-Apr-14 00:06:07

Oh the Liebeskind bags on the Zalando site are really good Maisie.
Do you have one and if so what is the quality like?

racmun Wed 16-Apr-14 00:16:26

Markberg Inga bag is beautiful cones in black or natural and it's £199.

Sorry can't link but google and it will come up

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