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Trendy longer hair style for young teen boys?

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soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 21:51:00

I have 2 boys, coming up for 13 and 14. both like longer hair - they have mops of generally straight medium thick hair. Neither will have it short as they say they don't suit it. They have quite girly faces still, large eyes, button noses and full lips. Not very manly apart from the beginnings of moustaches! Tall, medium build.

Can anyone recommend suitable hair styles? I've tried taking them to both barbers and hair dressers and they never come away happy. It's all over their faces and eyes at the moment so I'd like it pruned back a bit smile

2 different styles would be nice as apart from brushing it in the opposite direction to each other and No1 son's being longer, they look very similar.

Pictures would be good - TIA.

sunshinemmum Tue 15-Apr-14 22:01:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 22:04:29

we've had something similar (both had it at separate times) but they don't like it too short round the sides - i really liked it, it does look very grown up - they don't mind blow drying it though sad

sunshinemmum Tue 15-Apr-14 22:08:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 22:11:23

Like this?:

I think they'd consider that too short sad

Tis very smart though.

sonlypuppyfat Tue 15-Apr-14 22:13:08

Mines got v long hair but it's closely shaved over his ears.

soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 22:16:38

I quite like that look sonly especially if they have curls smile

Just trying to see if I can get some photos

Artandco Tue 15-Apr-14 22:17:41

Both mine have I think it's called 'surfer hair'. It's blonde and fairly long but can be styled nicely. Could fit in small pony tail just about. I wouldn't want it cut shorter as they really suit imo

sunshinemmum Tue 15-Apr-14 22:20:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 22:21:08

I like surfer style too - but mie are dark and we don't live near the sea smile I have a photo of my youngest with a pony tail in which we did for a laugh - he looks like he should be my daughter.

Youngest is more style concious than elder son - eldest's main priority is to be able to hide in his hair I think.

soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 22:38:22

This is when youngest had his a bit shorter and eldest has had one trim since then and it's a bit longer now

soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 22:40:24

This is the ponytail before he had it short - it's between this and the first photo now.

Artandco Tue 15-Apr-14 22:44:36

I would just get layers put in and fridge tidied somehow. Hairdresser will know. Half way between is an ok length I think and little will be cut to put layers in

soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 22:49:04

Hairdressers never seem to know though. I've varied between £5 barber cut and £25 stylist cut (by a young trendy bloke) and they have been varying degrees of horrible. Sometimes it isn't too bad - so they go back to same person and next cut is back to not being nice. Maybe we just need to move smile

soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 22:51:49

I just thought if we could find a picture of someone with a style they liked with similar hair it might help.

PeachandBlack Tue 15-Apr-14 22:52:18

My son showed pictures of Chace Crawford to the hairdresser. It looks good, not so floppy in the face and short and tidy round the back and sides.

soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 22:54:41

Just googled him - he's very nice smile

Lots of different lengths and styles in images but there might be something that appeals - I'll get them to look in the morning, thanks.

soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 22:58:17

I like:

suspect they might like:

compromise might be?:

PeachandBlack Tue 15-Apr-14 23:08:37

The first one is like the pic DS used. Such a hardship having to google Chace Crawford!

soontobeslendergirl Tue 15-Apr-14 23:12:25

tis indeed - anyone care to suggest other handsome men I could google? - purely in the interests of my sons' hair dilemmas of course......

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