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How can I achieve a polished look on a low budget?

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Romy75 Sat 12-Apr-14 20:06:59

I am in my late 30's, a size 12, athletic build with long limbs.

I do not have a 'look' as such as my clothes are a jumble of items dating as far back as 2006.

I do not have enough disposable income to recreate a new wardrobe for each season. I can only buy bits in DP/H & M/Primark. I end up looking okay but never well put together like the beautiful women on Pinterest.

I like the blazers with fitted top and jeans. Never owned this type of blazer.

I like the maxi dress with cropped jeans jacket. Never owned a maxi dress.

I like the jumpsuits. Never owned one.

I rarely buy anything I like-only things I can afford. sad

TheJumped Sun 20-Apr-14 21:35:18

Another vote for Uniqlo too - also Primark for belts and Forever 21 for jewellery.

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