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Nursing Dress for a Wedding

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PastaandCheese Sat 05-Apr-14 18:29:10

Invited to a wedding in a few weeks. I don't go in for nursing clothes in a big way but as DS will only be 6 weeks old and feeds very frequently I've decided a proper nursing dress will make the day easier.

I've seen these two and would love opinions. I'm blonde, 5,7, pale skinned and carrying a stone of baby weight

Any opinions / ideas for shoes, jacket and accessories very welcome.

PastaandCheese Sat 05-Apr-14 20:49:12


NoArmaniNoPunani Sat 05-Apr-14 20:51:29

They are both lovely.

pebbles1234 Sat 05-Apr-14 21:00:26

I think the coral one would look lovely, maybe with platinum accessories/pashmina etc...

Phase eight sometimes have nicely cut wrap front dresses that might work... I had one when ds was 3weeks old for a wedding.

PastaandCheese Sat 05-Apr-14 21:12:01

I'm thinking I might order both and see which looks best? I'm leaning towards the coral but I would like a jacket or shrug because I'll have both DC with me and can't be doing with carting them and keeping a pashmina looking vaguely arranged.

Normally I like a pashmina though and I like the idea of platinum as an accessory colour.

pebbles I had a wrap dress for a wedding with DD and I remember feeling quite exposed when she wanted feeding at the table and we were packed in the middle so I couldn't even move away. This time I'd sooner have a dress where I don't have to hoik my boob out.

I'm just being ridiculously self conscious because everyone is obviously looking at the bride rather than my boob!

callamia Sat 05-Apr-14 22:53:25

The coral one has the nicer neckline - I think it's a good choice.

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