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How much wear do you seem to get from your jeans?

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Spookey80 Fri 04-Apr-14 14:35:46

I have just bought a new pair of jeans almost identical to a pair I already have, because the loonies just seem to look tired now(baggy in the knees after one wear, and a bit tatty) Now I'm wandering if this is just me, that I wear them out too easily?
I always have a few pairs on the go and I do wear other things than jeans, but if feel like I am about to chuck out more or less the same jeans as I have just spent money on- am I going wrong somewhere?
How long do you have a pair of jeans for?

quirrelquarrel Fri 04-Apr-14 15:15:31

I can't find a pair of jeans I like. The one pair that I have and like are black Topshop skinnies I got yonks ago and they're fab, lasted well over 4 years I'd say (and usually Topshop jeans are shit quality) and still going.

Atm otherwise I've just got lots of Zara skinnies but they don't fit me very well. And one pair has a big hole in the knee. Spent two weeks on my knees in the garden in another pair last summer though and they didn't rip or anything.

Where do you buy yours from?

twobambinos Fri 04-Apr-14 15:24:07

Ok I've just binned a pair of hip-hop skinnies that were just well worn I had them for about 7 years.
I got a pair in oasis really nice comfy ones but they ripped along the belt loops on both sides after a few wears and another pair I have from there are stronger denim but they are after ripping along the pocket at the ass and I had worn them a handful of Times but they are in the wardrobe about a year and before anyone says it they are the right size I'm not bursting out of them!

Honestly I do think it's just hit and miss smile some times jeans get saggy after one wear I find washing them tightens them up a bit

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