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How could you dress this down? for day wear, if you don't have a leather jacket....

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Newhere2 Fri 04-Apr-14 11:53:52

its a great fitting dress, hides everything!
[ dress]]

Newhere2 Fri 04-Apr-14 11:54:26


cromwell44 Fri 04-Apr-14 11:59:37

It's a lovely dress, It looks clingy in the picture but if not in real life then it's a winner. I might take a look.
Dress down with a denim jacket maybe, wear over footless tights with trainers or black/grey converse type shoes. Marl cardigan or cropped jumper or sweatshirt over the top.

MorelloKiss Fri 04-Apr-14 12:06:57

The grey version looks more casual

Newhere2 Fri 04-Apr-14 12:14:06

hi cromwell, it does 'fit' but the stomach feature really hides everything, even after a big meal smile

demin jacket and leather trainers maybe?

morello, yes the lighter colours are more casual, I almost bought 2 smile

I got the ink.

Ujjayi Fri 04-Apr-14 12:30:09

trainers, brogues, sandals. Denim jacket or cotton/linen biker jacket. I have something similar from TopShop which is very flattering and I get lots of wear from it.

Floisme Fri 04-Apr-14 12:39:33

It looks lovely and is that colour I see? At All Saints? shock

I would just make sure that everything else is casual so yes to denim jacket or a cardi (maybe cropped so it doesn't spoil the ruched bit) flat shoes or ankle boots, chunky jewellry, minimal make up, messy hair etc I have something a bit similar and I sometimes wear a long-sleeved T underneath although that depends on the neckline.

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