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Living in relative poverty

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hpickup Fri 04-Apr-14 11:48:13

I know there are lots worse off than me but really finding it hard going at the momment.

I am doing a full time office job and a cleaning job first in the mornings.

My clothes are all tatty so I hate going at socially as I feel like a tramp.

Only have one suit for work which i have to wear all the time and 2 pairs of shoes - trainers which are falling apart and my work shoes which are too tight and rub my toes. Anyone else having difficulties?

cromwell44 Fri 04-Apr-14 11:55:10

hpickup, you might be better off on the Credit Crunch board. Lots of tips on how to pick things up cheaply. Maybe do a request on freecycle or local facebook groups. What about family members who could pass things on to you.

cakeymccakington Fri 04-Apr-14 12:06:03

that sounds hard hpickup sad

have you done the rounds of charity shops to see if you can pick anything nice up? i've had some lovely things from our local ones

mirpuppet Fri 04-Apr-14 12:54:00

What size shoe are yo? I'm about to do major cull of my shoe collection so could send you a pair. Uncomfortable shoes make life a misery.

Floisme Fri 04-Apr-14 13:14:07

I'm sorry you're having a hard time thanks

When I had 2 jobs to make ends meet I always set aside something for clothes or make up. Having a treat to plan every month, no matter how small, made me feel better.

Charity shops/jumble sales etc are fine for random buys but lnot so good when you need a whole outfit, plus you have to be in an affluent area. I think Ebay would be more useful. I know it's a pain when you buy something and it doesn't fit but at least you can sell it on.

I also got hold of a sewing machine (from someone at work) and taught myself to use it. Despite thinking I had no interest or talent, I was surprised at how much I managed to make or repair - and it was very satisfying too! Hope that helps.

squoosh Fri 04-Apr-14 13:19:44

Ebay still has loads of amazing bargains clothes wise, pick up nearly new high street clothes for pennies.

Office have a great ebay shop where they sell all their end of line and display shoes. It's pretty empty at the moment but keep an eye out. I picked up a pair of brand new and pristine suede ankle boots for £7 inc. postage a few weeks ago.

PeachyTheSanctiMoanyArse Fri 04-Apr-14 13:28:17

We're similar OP, I am a carer and DH has his own business so on call around the clock but any money we make goes back to business so there's nothing for extras. I used to be very style conscious- so much so I even trained as a make up artist- now I have very few clothes, haircuts almost never, and I have little make up.

Of course, we can at least say it's an investment for the future, but feeling scruffy isn't nice.

When I do have a fiver spare I have had some nice bits from everythingfivepounds and the just for five pounds websites- I am sat here in a lovely sequinned kimono top everyone comments on that I got from there. I got some lovely moisturiser (and I have awkward skin) from the approved foods website for £1.50.

I also agree with learning to sew, and pinterest is helpful too: there's a t-shirt on there where a tie is used to make a pretty neckline, makes a really nice top and cost almost nothing from a cheap shop. I feel FAR better in that than something plainer and scruffy. pretty, quirky buttons can update things too, just got some owl ones from Amazon for that purpose.

Shift dresses are relatively easy to sew, and a good starter project, but suitable for workplaces. Look for end of line fabrics, and even second hand or clearance on ebay etc.

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